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What’s the Best Tusmo Starting Word? NYT Wordlebot Recommends These Four

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Tusmo, also known as Sutom or Cemantix, is a popular word game that challenges players to guess a hidden five-letter word within a limited number of attempts. Choosing the right starting word can greatly impact one’s chances of success in the game. In this article, we will explore the recommendations of the NYT Wordlebot for the best Tusmo starting words. These starting words have been carefully selected based on their frequency, letter combinations, and likelihood of leading to a correct guess. So, let’s dive into the world of Tusmo and discover these top recommended starting words.

I. Understanding Tusmo:

1. Overview of Tusmo:
Tusmo Jeu is a challenging word game where players must guess a hidden five-letter word within a set number of attempts. The game provides feedback to guide players in narrowing down their choices, and the objective is to guess the correct word with the fewest attempts possible.

2. Importance of the Starting Word:
The starting word in Tusmo Jeu sets the foundation for the entire game. Choosing a strategic starting word can help players eliminate possibilities and increase their chances of guessing the correct word within the limited attempts.

II. The NYT Wordlebot’s Recommendations:

The starting word “ERSAT” is one of the top recommendations from the NYT Wordlebot. It is a versatile word that covers a range of letter combinations commonly found in five-letter words. By starting with “ERSAT,” players have a good chance of receiving helpful feedback and narrowing down their choices effectively.

Another recommended starting word is “ITOUP.” This word contains a mix of common vowel and consonant combinations, making it a strong choice to begin the game. The variety of letters in “ITOUP” increases the likelihood of receiving informative feedback that can guide players towards the correct word.

“NELTI” is a recommended starting word that offers a balance of vowels and consonants. This word has a high likelihood of generating useful feedback, helping players eliminate incorrect letter combinations and move closer to the hidden word.

The starting word “RAHOM” is also suggested by the NYT Wordlebot. With its distinct combination of letters, “RAHOM” provides players with a good chance of receiving valuable feedback early on. This starting word allows players to quickly narrow down the possibilities and work towards a correct guess.

III. Strategic Considerations for Starting Words:

1. Letter Frequency:
When selecting a starting word in Tusmo, it is essential to consider the frequency of letters in the language. Common letters like E, R, S, T, A, I, O, N, and L are good choices as starting letters due to their prevalence in five-letter words.

2. Vowel-Consonant Balance:
Starting words that strike a balance between vowels and consonants are advantageous. This balance increases the chances of receiving informative feedback and helps players eliminate incorrect possibilities more efficiently.

3. Variety of Letter Combinations:
Choosing a starting word with a variety of letter combinations increases the likelihood of generating useful feedback. Words that contain common letter patterns and combinations found in five-letter words offer players valuable insights during the game.

IV. Practice and Experimentation:

1. Adaptability and Experience:
Becoming skilled at selecting the best starting words in Tusmo requires practice and experience. As players gain familiarity with the game, they develop a better understanding of letter patterns, frequency, and strategic choices for starting words.

2. Experimentation:
The beauty of Tusmo is that it allows for experimentation. Players can try different starting words and observe the feedback they receive.

By analyzing the feedback and making informed adjustments, players can refine their strategy and improve their chances of success.


Selecting the best starting word in Tusmo is a crucial step towards success in the game. The recommendations provided by the NYT Wordlebot, such as “ERSAT,” “ITOUP,” “NELTI,” and “RAHOM,” offer strategic choices based on letter frequency, vowel-consonant balance, and letter combinations. However, it’s important to remember that practice, adaptability, and experimentation are key factors in mastering the game. So, embrace the challenge of Tusmo, explore different starting words, and enjoy the process of honing your skills in this addictive word game.

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