Maldives tour package
Maldives tour package

Planning to Do Dolphin-Watching in the Maldives? Here are 5 Tips You Must Know

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The Maldives has a warm climate year-round, which makes it a great place to go dolphin-watching, regardless of the time of year. Its clear water makes it easy to spot dolphins swimming and playing in the ocean. Tourists are recommended to learn more about some useful tips to make their dolphin-watching experience in the Maldives exceptional.

The Maldives is a dreamy tourist hub characterised by its gorgeous coral reefs, secluded beaches, the fresh breeze of the seas, spellbinding sceneries, and lavish resorts. By booking a Maldives tour package, you can spend your holidays in sublime locations with the white sand, the turquoise ocean, and blue lagoons at your disposal. Not only is the Maldives a naturally stunning holiday spot but it also offers a wide range of interesting and exciting activities for tourists.

Right from kayaking and parasailing to snorkelling and dolphin watching, there are numerous activities you can enjoy with your loved ones. Dolphin-watching is especially one of the most memorable activities you can take part in on your Maldivian holiday. Many exotic resorts provide thrilling dolphin-watching excursions. Here are a few tips that would help you spot dolphins better on your dolphin-watching spree in the Maldives: –

Check the Weather in Advance

Weather plays a vital role in many water-based activities, including dolphin watching. The better the weather, the more chances one shall have of spotting the dolphins. Hence, it is prudent to plan such an activity on a day when the weather is clear and pleasant.

Get Your Timing Right

In addition to the weather, time is also crucial to dolphin watching. The ideal time to spot a dolphin is the morning and in the afternoon. The odds of spotting one would particularly be high in the afternoon. Hence, you should get ready on time and try to go dolphin-watching sometime near noon to avoid missing the opportunity to get a glimpse of these adorable aquatic animals.

Maintain Your Distance

One of the best aspects of the Maldives is its crystal clear water, which makes it easy to spot a variety of marine animals including dolphins. It is mandatory to maintain a decent distance from the dolphins as the closer you move, the deeper they may go. However, if you maintain a good distance, they may eventually follow your boat and would want to play along!

Avoid Feeding the Dolphins

Many people tend to throw food into the sea to attract the dolphins but doing so is strictly unadvisable. Dolphins are usually witty and friendly animals but such activities may end up scaring them. It is better to simply clap, cheer, and whistle from the boat as dolphins respond well to happy sounds.

Do Not Snorkel with the Dolphins

Sometimes, you can find baby dolphins in the seas of the Maldives. However, if you try to go near them while snorkelling, the mother dolphin may get protective. Dolphins are generally harmless but may get very defensive in certain situations. Hence, it is imperative to be careful and not snorkel around them without an instructor.

These tips would allow you to enjoy the most amazing dolphin spotting spree in the Maldives. To find a Maldives tour package that includes a dolphin-watching experience, you should check out top-rated travel companies with positive customer reviews and ratings.




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