VISA Options Available to Parents to Visit Australia – Read Expert Guide

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Miss your parents in Australia? We understand how difficult it is to stay away from parents with a long time no see. Surviving a long time without parental support becomes a burden at some time in life. But, Australian immigrants are fortunate to be part of this beautiful island. How? Many choices are available to everyone living in Australia temporarily or permanently to bring their parents to Australia. These parent-immigration programs are dedicated to fulfilling people’s needs to live as a complete family. The programs have different eligibility criteria and requirements to apply under. One must meet immigration standards to take the benefits of these parent-VISA plans. Today let’s find out every parent-VISA option and go for the one that suits you the best.

Parent VISA Types for Permanent and Temporary stay in Australia

Immigrants in Australia live in the country on different statuses, such as study visas, work visas, permanent resident, and more. After getting PR, the last phase of immigration is to apply for citizenship. With professional Australian citizenship support, one can easily become a legal Australian national. Whatever status one holds while staying in Australia, there are options through which parents can join children – Be it temporary or permanent. Here we present the VISA list. Choose the option that fits your current status in Australia and allow your parents to stay for a specific period.

1) Electronic Travel Authority (Subclass 601) – The VISA option is best for immigrants living temporarily in Australia, such as study or training visas, and want their parents to be in Australia for a short duration. On this visa, parents can have a short visit to their children and enjoy a cozy time.

ETA is a travel document linked directly linked to one’s e-passport. The VISA allows a maximum of 3 months stay, which is a decent time to have with children. In a year, Parents can apply for multiple entries in Australia with 3 months stay permission. No application fee is associated with ETA, but one needs to pay administration service charges of $20. Overall, it is a cheap option for parents to meet their children.

Also, the visa category is open to apply in over 33 countries, including the UK, United States, Canada, Japan, Brunei, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Singapore, South Korea, and others. Therefore, check your country on the list and lodge the VISA application accordingly. Also, applicants from ETA-approved counties can easily get Australian citizenship support for more immigration options.

2) E-Visitor VISA (Subclass 651) – The subclass is very similar to ETA VISA with the only difference of eligible countries and application procedure. Just like the above-explained VISA type, one has opportunities to see their kids in Australia for a maximum of 3 months.

Parents from more than 35 countries can apply for an e-visitor visa. So, check your country on the list. The application fee is exempted. It means you can visit your children free of cost. Australian citizenship support is also easily available to people from nations listed for e-visitor visas.

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3) Visitor VISA (Subclass 600) – The VISA fulfills the needs of those parents who are not eligible for ETA or e-visitor visa. With this visa, one can have the opportunity to decide on their length of stay in Australia, e.g. 3, 6, or 12 months. Maximum stay duration is up to 12 months. Single and multiple entries are included in the visa. Therefore, it is a better option in terms of a long staying period.

The application fee is $370; people from all countries can apply for this visa type. Go for the option if you want to stay longer with your kids.

4) Sponsored Parents VISA (Subclass 103) – The visa type is only available to Australian citizens, PR holders, or eligible New Zealand citizens. The application process is much lengthier (processing time: around 29 years) and more complicated (multiple phases) than the above mentioned visa options. In 99% of cases, parents must be sponsored by their eligible children. It implies children will be responsible to support their parents during their stay in Australia. The Australian government must approve the sponsorship applied by an eligible child. Only after the parent visa application process can be further proceeded.

Balance-of-family test: The parents must also fit into the criteria of the balance-of-family test. It says half of the children must be eligible candidates to invite parents in Australia. Then only the application can be lodged.

The application cost of applying Sponsored Parents VISA is $6490, which is much high. But it also allows parents to move to Australia permanently. Further, parents can take Australian citizenship support to apply for citizenship.

5) Parent VISA (subclass 870) – The Australian immigration authority offers another convenient option to Australian citizens, Permanent residents, and eligible New Zealand candidates to compensate long processing time of the sponsored-parent visa. Parent VISA-870 allows a stay of 3 or 5 years in Australia. One can extend this stay to 10 years with a new application for the same subclass.

870 VISA is a good option for parents who want to stay long but are not interested in PR or citizenship options. The cost to apply for a 3-year Parent VISA is $5735, and a 5-year parent visa is $ 11,470. The processing time is up to 6 months, making it an ideal option for reuniting children and parents in less time.

Pick the best option to move further with the process | Western Overseas

Our information here will guide you in choosing the right parent visa option. Still, if you need further VISA assistance, feel free to talk to immigration lawyers at Western Overseas. They offer multiple VISA options and services to fulfill different immigration needs. They are trusted the most for their high VISA success rate in all visa categories, such as study visas, work visas, PR visas, GSM visas, Australian citizenship support, and more. Rest assured, let them decide the best parent visa option for you. You just wait to see your parents in Australia!

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