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Boost your Online IELTS Preparation at home – Habits to develop

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IELTS (International English Language Testing System) exam is known to be the universal English language proficiency test. Its worldwide acceptance justifies why students go for IELTS more than other English proficiency tests. Being the most famous and demanded, preparing for IELTS online is equally challenging. Here we present simple yet effective techniques to aspirants dreaming of cracking the IELTS exam with their desired score. Let’s start and explore the best IELTS training online methods to use at home.

Develop Reading habits –

Students find the IELTS reading section most challenging. The only problem with IELTS learners is that they either don’t practice reading daily or find reading boring. In both scenarios, students score low in the reading section. So our advice is to build reading habits that are not so hard. Start spending your day with the following routine:

  • Pick the most famous personality you like and start reading about him daily.
  • Read everything in English on your Mobile phone.
  • Attempt one reading daily and stick to the skim and scan technique for the best IELTS training online.

online ielts

Mimic natives for speaking practice –

In India, though students have English as a subject since childhood, they are still uncomfortable speaking the language. The reason is simple – no practice at all. Students take English as a subject rather than as a way of communication. That’s why the majority of Indians have low or no speaking skills. But IELTS learning students must develop good spoken English skills to score well in the speaking section. Follow the below-listed rules to speak fluently.

  • Listen and mimic English speakers regularly.
  • Always try to communicate in English, even for the tiniest conversation. Just treat yourself as a born English speaker.
  • Practice words or sentences your find most difficult to articulate.
  • Practice speaking on general topics asked in the best IELTS training online

Make a writing routine –

Writing section seems easy to many. But the reality is so far different. Most IELTS test takers need help to score above six bands in the exam. Don’t be overconfident if you are good at English, and practice writing as per your schedule. Students having low writing skills must adopt the following plan:

  • Regularly pick a random topic and write a short description using simple English. This way, you will get used to writing.
  • Try to write down your thoughts in your mini-diary and timely upgrade those ideas with fancy English.
  • Focus on written communication rather than verbal. Eventually, you become writing habitual.
  • Stick to the schedule of practising IELTS writing tasks. Make the writing chart for your best IELTS online coaching.

Listen to English stuff only –

Listening is the core skill that helps you develop speaking and writing skills in English. How? It’s simple! When you listen to someone speaking English, you automatically have the opportunity to learn the pronunciation, fluency, and new words that you can incorporate into your speaking and wiring. That’s how you have dual benefits just from listening.

We know only some are fortunate enough to have an English-listening environment. But we also have other options to keep ourselves adhering to English content. Devote your time to the following activities for improved listening skills:

  • Watch your favourite TV shows dubbed in English.
  • Cricket lovers can enjoy watching matches in English commentary,
  • Spend time listening to English news on BBC.
  • Play TED Talks videos to listen to expert speakers. Similarly, you can spend your leisure time watching famous talk shows like “The Ellen DeGeneres Show” or “The Oprah Winfrey Show”.
  • Also, pay decent time to IELTS listening videos for your best IELTS training online.

Bonus tip – Learn Vocabulary & Grammar in context

Grammar and Vocabulary are the foundation of the English language. Non-English people start their learning journey with grammar rules and implement them in sentence-making. It might be helpful for beginners. But students with prior English knowledge don’t fit into this theoretical practice. Here comes the concept of contextual learning. In this approach, students learn English through contextual Strategies (synonyms, & antonyms games, reading and summarizing, presenting random situations to learners etc.). It is also the fastest way of learning new words and new grammar. Most IELTS training centres have already started implementing these educational techniques to make their student English-Pro. So attend regular online practice sessions and make your English learning a piece of cake.

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