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What are Social Algorithms?

With an eagle eye approach, we can dissect out numerous strategic insights from each of the social media platforms mentioned above.

Social media algorithms are a scientific and technical pattern established by the social networks with two goals that need to be fulfilled:

  • It aids the network to sort the posts that have been submitted by millions of users based on the quality of content
  • The posts are then directed to the personal feeds of the network users, based on their interest, past preferences and viewing experiences.

Significant facts about the Social Algorithm

A Social Algorithm was created with the basic aim of retaining the interest levels of viewers and motivating them to linger on the website for longer periods of time.

With the help of the algorithm, the networks understand which post will be more preferred by the users, which topic will actually make any viewer crave to see it and so on.

Social Algorithms have the capacity to study the behavior of a user, record it and then find posts that will pique their interests. That would make induce any user to dig into the content without any force.

Instagram  Algorithm

This photo sharing platform has definitely moved a long way in trying to figure out the best way to customize the feeds of an Insta user. The algorithms consider a few factors like:

  • The time and date of the published post
  • If the post content would match the interest level of the Instagram user
  • Engaging or Boring posts?

The more recent posts your Instagram feed has, it gets noticed easily. This is one major reason why you could find celebrities and social influencers post frequently in a day, to keep their fans engaged.

  • Relevancy is key: Instagram check on individual posts and then accordingly try to fill their feeds with relatable content.
  • Engaged, Influenced or Boring Posts: Depending on how a post can earn likes, reshares and comments, Instagram figures out the engagement level of the post.
  • Hashtags: Do not forget that hashtags play a vital role in promoting your post. Do list out the related hashtags that are popular for your type of feed and add that to your title, and description.
  • Stories: An Instagram story lasts for 24 hours only. You can add memes, images, videos, or written posts. It should contain the relevant hashtags while posting.

Twitter Algorithm

Twitter has been internationally accepted ever since 2006 with its adorable tweet and birdie chats. Like Instagram, it too went by the simple mantra of displaying posts, messages, tweets, replies, retweets, shares and likes in the reverse chronological order.

How are the Twitter posts evaluated?

  • Firstly, the moment a Tweet has gone live, the algorithm figures the topic at hand and how well it would engage with the public.
  • Secondly, the more probable tweets will be listed out and then showcased on the timeline of a Twitter user. This will be placed on the timeline based on the past tweets that have been highly scored for engagements. So, based on topic, locations, such tweets will be available for viewers.
  • Thirdly, depending on what your Twitter reacts, post, and share, those feeds will also be added to your timeline, as it is considered that your interests will match with such topics.

YouTube Algorithm

One of the most popularly visited websites on Earth happens to be You Tube at present. From entertainment, to instruct, to learn, people have taken the huge ocean of you tube channels as their personal mentor.

You Tube plays the game of marketing algorithm in a slightly different approach on the way a video makes its way into one’s feed.

What a YouTube social media marketer needs to pay attention to:

  • You Tube does not automatically push any video to a larger audience to view
  • Based on the popular searches of keywords, titles, tags, and also video descriptions, such videos are pushed by YouTube.
  • When influencers work on this platform, they add in the right keywords to expand the viewership umbrella. But companies generally do not follow this method and that is why they fail to attract a large audience.
  • Longer videos will help to add more in content that is useful for viewers.
  • Playlist creation is beneficial for the channels. This playlist should include videos that are recommended and connected to the playlist topic.

Facebook Algorithm

Under Mark Zuckerberg’s creative strategies, the Facebook Algorithm had been the topic of hot talks ever since 2018. They have come over a long way and still rocks the way, they send across the feeds to various groups of audience based on their viewership. But the Algorithm transformation was gradual and improved every year.

Big changes brought forward:

  • Back in 2018, the FB team used to flood in random posts in the News Feeds of a user. This would be a mixed bag of information both relevant and irrelevant.
  • If you track back to the posts before 2018, it would have been noticed that News Feeds would include advertisements or promotional posts from businesses, brands, public announcements, and also posts coming from families, friends, colleagues also.
  • But this was messy and broke a regular stream of interactions, likes, shares, and messages between the really connected ones. Most of the people had little or almost never bothered to look into the advertisement posts from big branded companies.

The Changeover FB Algorithm

  • Today, this informal social media platform focuses on the social conversations that stay connected, related and interesting for every Facebook user.
  • The new Facebook Algorithm has signaled trackers to determine the posts that would excite and spark reactions from the public.

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