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Today, the virtual world is our meeting point with the world outside. When you have an e-commerce portal, you need to ensure that it does bring in adequate sales, and also binds strong relations and loyalty among the customers. This would surely help a consumer to come back to the e-commerce website to make a purchase. So, that is exactly, what we would like to discuss here! How would you increase the sales from an E-commerce portal? This topic may have explained by many experts for years, but proven results are hard to find! That is where we are different!

Understand that:

  1. You have landed on this page because you may have tried a few methods and failed. You may have also come to this page, with a mindset to study more and that is the best attitude to success in life.
  2. Every online e-commerce will have its share of dips and hikes, like a normal physical store. Be ready for it! The more you study the techniques or tips to Increase Sales from E-commerce Portal, the more chances that you have to master it to perfection.
  3. Next, nothing remains constant. This page will update you on the latest trends. Just like people are never the same, so are marketing trends of a website.

So, now, let’s learn the top 5 ways to increase the ways the sales of an E-commerce portal:


The trustworthy impression!

Cyber security is an ongoing problem for years! People are always intimidated about the security and trustworthiness about a website. Especially, when it comes to an e-commerce website, this doubt level rises to soaring levels. So, make sure you bring in trust among your buyers or sellers on your e-commerce portal.

For this, show icons that prove that the portal is secure to use. Simple, conventional icons like the Foot Locker, some quality badges, some certificates or even reviews by other companies and people need to be shown. When your portal is associated with big companies and great people the trust factor comes in naturally. But don’t’ overdo it to a level, that the audience get a hint of doubt.


Customer responses matter!

In the past, a portal had only a testimonial page showcasing all the good reviews or experiences they had with the company. So, you need you think something different and out of the box. From the normal text reviews, it would be great if you have a small video of the customer experience. They could tell anything about the packing, about the service, the employees, the payment, the quality of delivery etc. When real people are seen, this needs no more convincing talk from the owner of the E-commerce portal!

Next, you can have the common man to review and also invite come experts to review your website. Now, if you are shoe dealer, you could ask designers and actors to test and review. If they did a stylish 10 seconds corridor walk with your shoes, wouldn’t that be great? If you have a business travel booking portal, then a sports coach, or even International YouTuber who travels regularly, could jot in their thoughts through a great video!


Polish the portal for your target customers

When you have an E-commerce portal, you surely will also know whom this products or service have been outlined for. So, for a successful E-commerce portal, arrange the portal in a way that your targeted customers can quickly pick out what they like. If the portal is more user- friendly, you can encourage more customers to come back and visit more often. This improves the sales of a website.

Position items in a way that they can be seen quickly, and also accessed with hassles, as this will help to attain a better conversion rate. Also, choose the color combinations and the size of the icons in a manner that it is comfortable to the eyes. If you have an older age group accessing this portal, consider options that can help them use the site better.


 Product Descriptions does add in more sales

Since people are not getting the personal touch like a physical store, they may have a thousand queries popping in their minds. This needs to be answered in the simplest way possible. For this, may sure that each of your products are described properly with short content and proper images. That will help them compare various products and choose the one that fits their needs. People need to see to believe and make sales successfully.  So, fulfill their right to knowledge.

You description box should be small, but clear. It should contain the features, color, size, benefits, capacity, and even price details in it. E-commerce means business in the simplest way possible. Make sure that descriptions are attractive, and noticeable to the bare eye.


Share is the secret of successful business

An e-commerce portal may have lot of benefits apart from a physical store. You can ensure a cost free advertisement and that means a good word of mouth. While a moral physical store issues ads, brochures and pamphlets for the same, the same job can be done in a portal with a share button.

With numerous social bookmarking sites, social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp, Hike, Telegram; it becomes easy for people to share virtually a product that they liked. This will help your Portal to have a better audience reach and thereby increase the sales of a particular line of products.

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