Find the best Student Accommodation Bangor

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Discover comfortable and convenient student accommodation in Bangor. Located close to the university and with essential amenities, these spaces offer a safe and welcoming environment for students. Explore options that fit your budget and enhance your student experience in this vibrant city.

Bangor, with a population of 18322, is one of the oldest and most beautiful cities in Wales. The town is best known for its local landmarks such as the Menai Suspension Bridge and Garth Pier. Being a cathedral city, there is a lot of student accommodation here that offers comfort and the feel of the old life. The best thing about the student accommodation in Bangor offered by the reputed real estate agents is that they are located near many renowned universities. Bangor University, Wrexham Glyndwr University and John Moores University are the top universities here.

Student Accommodation Bangor

If you are in search of a perfect student housing in Bangor, you will never be dissatisfied as the city has many well-built housing communities. The city has private halls of residence, studios, en-suite rooms and private student rooms. The rent for the student accommodation in the city ranges from £103 per week to £234 per week. You can more easily book your ideal accommodation in Bangor than in any other city in Wales. In addition, finding student accommodation in the city for a short stay is also quite easy. The leading rental agencies will provide you with a smooth service at every stage of the process.

A cathedral city and parish, Bangor is the oldest city in Gwynedd, in northeast Wales. Naturally, Bangor has a remarkable history that gives the city a vintage feel. The city is located in a beautiful hilly landscape and is the most important economic and cultural sector of Wales. Bangor is a well-connected city, bordering Liverpool, Wrexham and Chester.

The universities in the city welcome a significant number of students from around the world every year. Students are primarily attracted to the city because of the career opportunities and good lifestyle that is available here. Students can pursue undergraduate, graduate and professional degrees on a variety of subjects, including science, engineering, fashion and the arts.

Best places to live in Bangor

The city is home to Garth Pier, the second longest pier in Wales and the ninth longest in the British Isles. This is the best place to live in i.e, iQ Ty Willis House Bangor.

A walk along the pier is one of the best activities in Bangor, Wales. The Bangor Pier bus stop allows you to reach the pier easily. Some of the best residential areas for students are High Street, Kyffin Square and Dean Street.

High Street

This neighbourhood is located near Bangor University, just nine minutes from the flat. High Street has many interesting places nearby, including restaurants and places to go out. IQ Ty Willis House is one of the best options for Student Accommodation Bangor that offers its residents a private bathroom or studio. Another Bangor student accommodation nearby is Neuadd Kyffin with many facilities for its students. Only 14 minutes separate Ty Ni, a student residence in Bangor, from College Menai and Bangor University. You can opt any of these student housing option for your stay in Bongor.

Dean Street

Bangor’s Dean Street is located in the very centre of the city. A local park is ideal for a pleasant morning jog. There are various amenities available at Llys Y Deon, a student residence in Bangor that is within a 5-minute walk from Bangor University.

Living expenses in Bangor

The monthly cost of living for students in Bangor is approximated to be between £900 and $1100. To apply for a student visa, you must have a minimum of £1023 monthly to cover living expenses. The typical monthly rent for student housing in Bangor is roughly £100.

Must visit places in Bangor

The city offers a lovely blend of urban facilities and rural attractions to both visitors and residents. In Bangor, one can enjoy nature, wildlife, music, art, and much more.

Garth Pier

Garth Pier is the second-longest pier in Wales and the ninth-longest in the British Isles is located here. Taking a stroll down the pier is one of the best things to do in Bangor, Wales.

Cathedral Church of St. Deiniol

The Cathedral Church of St. Deiniol, which is situated in an oval churchyard with a sloping roof, is another notable structure. It’s a beautiful cathedral to see, and you’ll undoubtedly enjoy your trip there.

National Nature Reserve at Cwm Idwal

The northernmost point of Snowdonia National Park is where Cwm Idwal is located. Mountaineering and other outdoor activities are popular there.

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