Exploring Newcastle: The best way to explore a new city from the eyes of a student

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Newcastle is identified as one of the UK’s top party cities. But, many students come here to pursue their higher education. Newcastle is home to three major universities, which are located in and around the city. As the north-east’s largest city, it is no surprise that the students come here every year to further their education. You can get enrolled in the University of Durham, Newcastle University, Newcastle College, or Northumbria University, you need to secure your student housing well in advance. It is a competitive city to live in. The population over here is huge all thanks to the above-mentioned universities. The number of student accommodations in Newcastle has enhanced due to the demand.

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Living in Newcastle as a student

Student-friendly locations: Though the entire city is quite safe for students, it is best to invest in a place where most of the students live. To find the perfect studios or apartments, you can look at Central Station and Jesmond. These two locations are perfect as you can find many restaurants, clubs, and other places of interest. 

Rent for the students: All of the student housing options comprise different amenities like electricity, heating, gas, water, and internet connectivity. However, check if every amenity is included in the rent or not. If you have to pay the individual bill every month then it can really affect your cost of living. The rent for student accommodation Newcastle begins at £162 but it goes up to £900 depending upon your preferences. You can find a plethora of accommodation options which will confuse you. You need to be very clear about your preferences and budget as rent plays a major part in your cost of living. 

Cost of living: Newcastle is one of the top-notch places. It is filled with some great surprises for the students who are near the major universities in the city. The cost of living in Newcastle is more economical than in other cities in the UK. It is advised to have a budget of £800-£1,200/month. To have an idea about the cost of living, have a look below: 

  1. Food: £100-£180 per month 
  2. Gas and electricity: £50-£100 per month 
  3. Shopping: £50-£75 per month 
  4. Dinner at a restaurant: £120-£360 per month 
  5. Stationery and Textbooks: £80-£3120 per month 
  6. Commuting:  £90-£150 per month 

The student housing options in Newcastle 

All of the student housing over here is located mindfully. You can easily reach the university at every accommodation because of the excellent transport network. All the accommodations over here provide a plethora of amenities to make sure that the students are comfortable. You can browse through the below-mentioned location and find the perfect accommodation. 

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Commuting in the city 

As a part of the renowned UK transportation network, this city has fulfilled its obligation to offer you an inexpensive transportation system. These systems are well-equipped and connect to all the required local and regional parts of the city. 

  • Buses: Stagecoach Bus Services is one of the best service providers for bus services.  You can easily travel within the city as there are more than 150 buses operating continuously on the roads and highways. 
  • Metro: If you love to travel by metro, then you can travel through The Tyne and Wear Metro. It is Britain’s first light rail system. It was built in Newcastle in the year 1980. The city center over here is well-connected to every neighboring metropolitan borough by the city’s extensive suburban and underground rail network. 
  • Water Travel System: Since the city is built around the beautiful River Tyne, anyone can have inferred the origin of Newcastle’s water transportation system. A fantastic water transportation infrastructure connects the city’s International Ferry Terminal. You can travel via a water travel system with ease. 
  • Taxi services: If nothing works for you, then you can go with Taxi. The Newcastle government has brought up a local taxi system for the people to order cabs any time of the day. The best thing about this taxi system is that average fare prices are far lower than in any nearby area of the UK. 

Wrapping Up 

Newcastle is one of the most enchanting cities. If you are coming here to study, then book your student accommodation as early as possible. So, what are you waiting for? Start your research today.

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