Why is SV Temple in Pittsburgh So famous?

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Walking around Pittsburgh with the scenic view is pretty enjoyable and the breathtaking beauty of Penn Hills is a real feast to the eyes where the famous SV RTemple is located.

One of the earliest traditional Hindu temples Sri Venkateswara Temple commonly known as SV Temple is a marvelous temple that pulls visitors from around the world where you will experience tranquility away from the crowd of the city.

Today we are going to discuss balaji temple bridgewater in this post. Have a look.

About SV Temple

Located on the Penn Hills in Penn Sylvania State in US Sri Venkateswara Temple which was established in 1976 showcases the true Indian tradition and is built with the contribution of Tirumala Tirupati Devsthan. Built with a combination of ancient  Shilpa Shastra and modern architecture it is a unique temple in Pennsylvania. The temple is dedicated to Lord Vishnu

Besides this, a number of God And Goddesses are worshiped in the bridge water hindu temple, Like Lord Hanuman, Lord Ayappa, Satya Narayan, Lord Shiva, Goddess Parvati, Navgrah or Nine Planet, Sidhi Vinayak, and many more.

All the festivals of Hindus like Holi Diwali, Ganesh Chaturthi Mahotsav etc, are celebrated with full glory and enthusiasm. 

All religious events, Services, and Pujas are organized well in the Balaji temple bridgewater and huge devotees are joining with great enthusiasm. Online orders of daily Pooja, Archana, Abhiskekam, Anna Prasan, Car pooja, Satyanarayan pooja, and various Hindu rituals have been taken here.

It is home to Indians who feel a homely environment here and people from all states can enjoy together by talking, walking, laughing, and joking. Spending an entire day can give you the experience of the calm and peaceful darshan of Deity Venkteshwara.

Visting to Pittsburgh will be a great option for Indian 

Temple History

The main motto to establish this temple is to serve the Hindu religion and culture to keep alive in the USA and they will feel like a home treatment abroad.

The blend of ancient Shilpa sastra and innovative modern architecture makes it splendid and glorifies the beauty of Indian culture. Numerous shrines are dedicated to various Indian gods and goddesses and visitors from all over the country flock to obtain the divine darshan of the most worshiped Lord Vishnu also known as Venkreshwara along with various other god.

The  Bridgewater hindu temple, is among the most marvelous, temples in the world that glorify the beauty of Hinduism and Indians. 

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