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Where Can You Find Airplane Stairs?

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In the world of aviation, every aspect of an airport is meticulously designed and planned to ensure smooth operations. One crucial element that often goes unnoticed but plays a vital role in the boarding and disembarking process of an aircraft is the airplane stairs. These simple yet essential structures allow passengers and crew members to access the aircraft from the ground. In this article, we will explore the various locations where you can find airplane stairs, shedding light on their significance in the aviation industry.

airplane stairs

The Airport Terminal

Passenger Boarding Bridges (Jetways)

One of the most common and convenient ways to access an aircraft is through passenger boarding bridges, also known as jetways. These enclosed, elevated walkways connect the terminal building directly to the aircraft’s doors. Jetways are equipped with movable sections and airplane stairs that can be adjusted to match the height of the aircraft’s doors, ensuring a seamless and comfortable transition for passengers.

Fixed Stairs

Some airports, especially those catering to smaller aircraft or in regions with limited resources, use fixed stairs positioned next to the aircraft. These airplane stairs are typically used for short-haul flights and are manually adjusted to reach the aircraft’s doors.

Remote Parking Stands

Mobile Stairs

When an aircraft is parked at a remote stand, away from the terminal building, mobile stairs are used to bridge the gap between the ground and the aircraft’s doors. These stairs are often mounted on specialized vehicles and can be driven to the desired location. Mobile stairs are particularly common at airports with limited infrastructure.

Apron Buses

In some cases, passengers are transported to the aircraft via apron buses. These buses have stairs at the rear end, allowing passengers to board the aircraft directly from the apron. This method is often used when multiple aircraft are parked in close proximity, and jetways or mobile stairs may not be feasible.

Emergency Situations

Emergency Evacuation Slides

While not used for regular boarding, emergency evacuation slides can act as airplane stairs¬† during critical situations. In the event of an emergency evacuation, these inflatable slides deploy from the aircraft’s doors, providing passengers with a quick and safe way to exit the aircraft.

airplane stairs

Specialized Aircraft

Built-In Stairs

Some aircraft, such as certain regional turboprops and military transports, are equipped with built-in stairs. These stairs are integrated into the aircraft’s design and can be deployed when the aircraft is on the ground, eliminating the need for external airplane stairs or jetways.


Airplane stairs are an integral part of airport operations, ensuring that passengers and crew can access the aircraft safely and efficiently. Depending on the airport’s infrastructure, the type of aircraft, and the specific situation, various methods are employed to provide access. From the convenience of passenger boarding bridges to the adaptability of mobile airplane stairs and even emergency evacuation slides, these structures play a critical role in air travel.

So, the next time you board a plane, take a moment to appreciate the thought and engineering that go into making your journey safe and comfortable.

airplane stairs


1. Are airplane stairs always the same size?

No, airplane stairs come in various sizes and configurations to accommodate different aircraft types and airport setups.

2. Do all airports have passenger boarding bridges?

No, smaller airports or those with limited resources may rely more on mobile stairs or buses for passenger boarding.

3. Are emergency evacuation slides comfortable to slide down?

While safety is the top priority during evacuations, the slides are designed to minimize friction, making the descent as smooth as possible.

4. Can passengers request assistance when using stairs?

Yes, airports provide assistance to passengers with mobility issues or special needs when using stairs or other boarding methods.

5. Are built-in stairs a common feature on commercial airliners?

No, built-in stairs are more commonly found on regional and military aircraft rather than commercial airliners.

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