What Service does an Asphalt Crack Repair Company

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An asphalt crack repair company provides essential services for maintaining and prolonging the lifespan of asphalt surfaces. Asphalt cracks can occur due to various factors, including weather conditions, heavy traffic, and aging. These cracks not only detract from the appearance of the pavement but also pose safety hazards and can lead to more severe damage if left unattended. In this article, we will explore the services provided by an asphalt crack repair company..

One of the primary services offered by an asphalt crack repair company is crack sealing. Crack sealing involves filling cracks in the asphalt surface to prevent water infiltration and further deerioration. Water can seep into cracks and gradually weaken the pavement structure, leading to potholes and other serious issues. Crack sealing is a cost-effective solution that can extend the lifespan of the pavement and prevent the need for more extensive repairs.

To perform crack sealing, the asphalt crack repair company uses specialized equipment and materials. The cracks are first cleaned and prepared to ensure proper adhesion of the sealant. The company may use high-pressure air blowers or wire brushes to remove debris and vegetation from the cracks. Once the cracks are clean, a hot rubberized sealant is applied using a crack sealing machine or a handheld pour pot. The sealant fills the cracks and forms a flexible barrier that prevents water penetration and protects the underlying pavement.

Another service provided by an asphalt crack repair company is crack filling. Crack filling is similar to crack sealing, but it involves filling the cracks with a different type of material. Unlike sealants, crack fillers are typically cold-applied and do not have the same elasticity as sealants. Crack filling is suitable for smaller cracks that do not experience significant movement or thermal expansion and contraction. It helps to prevent water infiltration and minimizes further deterioration of the pavement.

In addition to crack sealing and crack filling, an asphalt crack repair company may offer other related services. For instance, they may provide asphalt patching or resurfacing services for areas of the pavement that have extensive cracking or damage. Patching involves removing and replacing a section of the asphalt pavement, while resurfacing involves applying a new layer of asphalt over the existing surface. These services are typically recommended for areas with severe cracking or structural issues that cannot be addressed through crack sealing or filling alone.

Furthermore, an asphalt crack repair company may offer preventative maintenance services to help property owners and managers proactively address asphalt cracks and extend the life of their pavement. This can include regular inspections and assessments of the pavement condition, as well as recommendations for appropriate crack repair and maintenance strategies. By identifying and addressing cracks early on, property owners can avoid more costly repairs and potential liabilities in the

Safety is a top priority for an asphalt crack repair company. They must ensure that their work sites are properly marked and secured to protect workers and the public. They may use traffic control devices, such as cones or barricades, to redirect traffic and create a safe working zone. Additionally, they must follow proper safety protocols and use personal protective equipment to minimize the risk of accidents or injuries.


In conclusion, an asphalt crack repair company in Reno, provides a range of services to address cracks in asphalt surfaces. These services, such as crack sealing and filling, help to prevent water infiltration and further deterioration of the pavement. In addition to crack repair, the company may offer other related services, such as patching or resurfacing, to address more severe damage. By proactively addressing asphalt cracks, property owners can extend the lifespan of their pavement and ensure safe and functional surfaces.

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