Laser Hair Removal Treatment

What is the Cost of Laser Hair Removal Treatment in Jaipur?

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Everybody wishes to have smooth skin. Waxing, shaving, threading, tweezing, and people try endless ways to attain it. But none lasts more than a week or two, except the laser hair removal process. It is the most convenient option and a permanent one to get rid of unwanted body hair. Repetitive hair removal methods are painful and messy, and one has to undergo the process all over again the next time. The laser hair removal process requires less maintenance and gives hair-free skin for a long time, making it superior to all treatments.

Wondering what is the cost of laser hair removal in Jaipur? In this article, you will read about hair removal details, such as benefits, side effects, and cost of treatment.

What is Laser Hair Removal?

It is a medical treatment in which laser energy targets the hair follicles to damage their tissues, without causing damage to surrounding skin. The procedure aims to remove hair from various parts of the body and is effective for both small and large body areas, including hands, face, underarms, legs, bikini lines, and more. The laser hair removal process targets active hair growth which is why, 6-8 sessions are necessary to get optimal results of the treatment.

What is the Laser Hair Removal Cost in Jaipur?

The cost for treatment can vary on various factors like the session required, area of medicine, technology used, and clinic. A small area like the upper lip, chin, and underarms costs less in comparison with large areas like hands back or legs. The laser hair removal cost in Jaipur also depends upon the hair density.

Where to Get Laser Hair Reduction Treatment in Jaipur?

Jaipur Skincity is the best dermatology clinic in Jaipur, where you can choose to visit to get rid of extra body hair. They use the best hair removal treatment, LightSheer Duet (Diode Laser). It is the first and the only diode laser machine in the city. The treatments here are safe and painless and are done under the guidance of expert Dr Sachin Sharda.

The laser hair treatment here requires 6-8 sessions for the best result. Talking about laser hair removal costs in Jaipur at this clinic, it is economical! Also, their treatment price starts at INR 1000 and goes up to INR 30000, depending upon the area receiving treatment.

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Long-lasting results- Sure, laser hair removal cost in Jaipur is higher than usual hair removal methods, but it is worth everything. The results you get from laser hair removal are long-lasting and you don’t have to visit the salon for a monthly appointment for hair removal.

Precision – This is a blessing. Unlike other methods of hair removal where the skin has chances of damage, laser hair removal methods only target hair, while preventing any skin damage.

Minimal pain and discomfort – In comparison with other hair removal treatments like waxing and threading, the pain in laser treatment is negligible. There might be some discomfort during the treatment process but it’s nothing to what you feel during waxing and other hair removal methods.

Minimizes ingrown hair – It reduces the occurrence of ingrown hair.

How to Prepare for Laser Hair Treatment?

Before getting laser hair removal treatment, it is essential to consult with a doctor to discuss the procedure and whether it’s a good option for you or not. The consultation helps to decide laser parameters and sharing clinical details will reveal if there is any underlying condition like CAH, PCOD, hirsutism, etc.

For female, hormonal tests and pelvic sonography is advisable before laser treatment. If there is any abnormality in the results, medical treatment is necessary before laser hair removal treatment.

It is also advisable to not try any other hair removal method like waxing, threading, or tweezing 06 weeks before laser treatment. Laser hair removal procedure focuses on hair roots which get temporarily removed in all other hair removal methods.

Are there any Side Effects of this Treatment?

There are no side effects of laser hair removal procedures if done by expert hands and using advanced laser machines. The process may cause temporary skin changes but they will resolve on their own. There can be redness and mild swelling that lasts for 3-4 hours at the treatment place It is essential to maintain proper hygiene in the laser area to avoid folliculitis after the procedure.


When we consider the laser hair removal cost in Jaipur and the long-term cost associated with any hair removal method, laser hair removal can be an economical option for anyone who wishes to have smooth skin. So, why not try laser hair removal and check the results?

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