What is the best time to fly from Bangalore to Goa?

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Goa is a destination filled with beaches, palm trees and places of worship. It is one of the most loved landmarks in India due to its immaculate beach life and architectural beauty blended together. Another city that holds high significance among Indian tourists is Bangalore. If you wish to take a bite of the crispiest dosas of India and then sip your evening tea or coffee on the calm beaches, book your Bangalore to Goa flights. You can also book your return route from Goa to Bangalore for a hassle-free adventure. IndiGo offers various flights from Bangalore to Goa on a daily basis. So, you can visit the official website of IndiGo for simple and hassle-free flight booking

It is also important to understand the best time to visit the destination so that you can enjoy the place without struggling with any unforeseen circumstances. 

  • Going around the time of festivals and occasions 

When planning to take a trip from the IT hub of India to the state preserving the culture and tradition, visiting the destination during festivals and occasions is suggested. Some of the most celebrated festivals in Goa are Holi, and Shigmo. The ambience of the state during these celebrations will truly add to your experience. The outdoor fun activities at Goa are conducted on a daily basis, and are filled with music, dance and local delicacies. The hours of these celebrations is surely the most ideal time to be in Goa. 

  • Arriving during the pleasant weather 

Goa is a place filled with beaches and natural beauty. This stunning state of India is known for its diverse flora, fauna and lifestyle of the locals. One of the best times to visit Goa is between November and February. The pleasant weather, cold breeze and welcoming ambience make you want to stay in the state forever. If you visit this place during these months, you can also enjoy one of the biggest Christmas and New Year celebrations in Goa with the locals and tourists together. 

  • During the season of promotional deals 

Many airlines, such as IndiGo, offer various promotional deals during many seasons and festivities. These deals often depend on the celebration and season of the destination. When taking a trip from Bangalore to Goa, the aviation brand offers various promotional and other customer-centric packages for its users to have the most surreal experience of their lives. You can easily find these deals on the official website of IndiGo. 


When planning your trips and adventures, verifying all the aspects of your journey and destination is pivotal before making any decisions. The best time to visit the place is one of those crucial factors you can evaluate before taking the trip. Bangalore to Goa flight can be your getaway from the bustling city life to the calmness of the beach.

Let us know about your ideal time to visit Goa with whom you want to go and the reason behind visiting this beautiful city of India “Goa” from your hometown Bangalore (Bengalore).

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