What is CBT Therapy and How Does it Work

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Stress, anxiety and depression issues impact over one in four people living and working in London annually. These mental health problems can be persistent and may include common mental illnesses such as sudden anxiety, depression, panic attacks, social anxiety, Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), insomnia, phobias, work-related stress and low self-esteem.

 CBT therapy London professionals deliver a fast and highly effective treatment, improving emotional well-being and fostering psychological stability. It is the most well-known psychotherapy for treating anxiety, depression and high levels of emotional distress.

The treatment duration and process

Depending on the patient’s circumstances, a CBT course may take six weeks to six months. There will be one session per week lasting for about an hour. The first session is introductory, where the patient and therapist meet and the patient talks of their issues and why they have come for CBT. The patient may also tell what made them trust the therapy and what results they hope to get and set goals for the future. From then on, they work on the content and structure of their sessions. The counsellor may also set tasks for the patient to do at home.

As the therapy advances, the patient’s role keeps evolving. They start taking over and decide on the contents and strategy. The therapist will be present but will not interfere or involve themselves.

How CBT therapy differs from counselling:

Patients often fail to understand the difference in the roles of a CBT therapist and a counsellor and who would suit their particular needs.

While CBT therapists work with their clients to change particular behaviours or thinking patterns, counselling is considered less directive. Private Counselling London is a type of talk therapy. The counsellors listen to the patient’s story, ask questions about the cause of their behaviour and give suggestions and encouragement to help clients better understand themselves and find solutions. They create a one-to-one treatment plan and explain to the patient how it will work and help them. They will monitor the changes in the patient’s moods and ensure they return to social life and accept reality.

If you plan to choose a private counsellor, look for one registered with a professional body. They can provide the best possible guidance for your situation and will ensure you are in safe hands and soon begin to live your best life.

Some of the challenges that trauma therapy London patients face include long wait times at the NHS, finding the right therapist to deal with their particular problem and remote options for those who have difficulty commuting.


Living with a mental health condition can be horrible. The stigma continues, and the patients will not know whom to trust and talk to as the trust factor with family and friends becomes uncomfortable. At such times, they must speak to a professional counsellor. Some patients who have gone through the initial stages get a basic idea if the therapy will work for them and if they should continue. They discontinue if they are able to complete the tasks assigned for home easily and quickly.

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