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What Do Colleges Look for in an Essay?

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The college essay is a crucial component of the college application process because it enables applicants to demonstrate their unique personalities in addition to their academic achievements. However, it could also make applicants anxious. This article will address a frequently asked issue by students in this article: “What are colleges looking for in an essay?” You can get help from assignment help online services if you find it is difficult for you to write essays and need assistance regarding essay writing.

Tips and samples for writing a standout essay that demonstrates your communication abilities, intellect, originality, ambition, passion for knowledge, and other qualities admissions examiners look for are provided below.

How to distinguish yourself from the crowd?

Given that applications are likely to be similar (identical test results, grades, and hobbies), writing an outstanding essay is essential. What do schools look for in an essay when sent with an application, and what do admissions staff check for to see how you stand out from the crowd? Your beliefs, hobbies, emotions, ethnic heritage, and everything else that sets you apart from the competition might be included in this context. International students, for instance, can concentrate on describing why they want to study in the US.

What admirable traits are to be highlighted in your essay?

The most important advice for candidates looking for advice on how to write a college application essay is to demonstrate their drive, enthusiasm, and the following qualities in their essays:

Extracurricular activities of note: Highlight pursuits that reveal a focus and a commitment over time.

Experience at work and volunteering: Emphasize accomplishments that demonstrate leadership, dedication, and involvement in the community.

Skills and talents: Instead of focusing on a large list of achievements, concentrate on select areas where you are passionate and dedicated.

Overcoming difficulties: Describe how you overcome problems to demonstrate your fortitude and development.

You can also get help from online assignment help services when facing difficulties while writing an essay.

Why facts, not assertions, be used in this college essay?

Keep the “show-don’t-tell” principle in mind whenever writing an essay. Instead of generalizing about oneself, use particular instances to back up your points. This will save you from seeming haughty and improve the impact of your essay. To highlight your traits and accomplishments, use examples from your own life and specific information. Also, take assignment help online services from Do My Assignment whenever necessary. They have a team of experts who will help you with your issue.

What kind of voice and formatting need to be employed in a college application essay?

Compared to other academic writing assignments, these essays are less formal. It’s crucial to adopt a respectful conversational style as if speaking with a tutor or instructor. Connecting with the audience may be facilitated by sharing your ideas, feelings, and life experiences. It should be your aim to write with a natural and authentic tone that captures your actual voice.

Choosing a topic for your essay: 2 efficient methods

When pondering the subject, “What do colleges look for in an essay?” it might be difficult to choose a topic. Here are two techniques that will help you exceed admissions officials’ expectations and wow them.

First, consider your strengths.

Start by listing your good character characteristics and providing instances when you have shown them. For instance, candidates want to demonstrate their commitment to excellence and excellent work ethic. They consider instances in which they exceeded expectations.

Second strategy: Tell an engaging narrative.

You might also start by picking a compelling tale and emphasizing how it showcases your best traits.

Consider a girl who volunteered at a nursing home and developed a close bond with one of the facility’s older patients who had difficulty reading. Despite her handicap, she devoted her summer to teaching this elderly woman to read and write. The author’s development taught her the value of empathy, tenacity, and education, which motivated her to seek a profession in teaching.

Additional pointers for creating a flawless college essay

Pick a captivating essay topic. Identify your goals for your life, focusing on your work. They’ll serve as the cornerstone for your objectives. It’s crucial to look for a program that supports these objectives.

Make a compelling narrative. Create a compelling tale while keeping in mind that the goal is not to demonstrate your literary skills. Two strategies work well in a framework that is built on stories:

1. Story for reflection: Share a personal experience that has influenced your identity or a description that accurately captures who you are.

2. Inspirational story: Share an anecdote or description that has nothing to do with you personally but acts as a source of motivation.

Show off your zeal. When writing an essay about a subject you are passionate about, pay more attention to what it means to you than to how it is. By including specifics and convincing examples, show your passion for the subject.

Impress the admissions staff. A list of your accomplishments won’t impress the readers unless you include them in your application. Instead, make an effort to express your individuality through a narrative that includes specifics. Start by jotting down memorable instances that demonstrate how you dealt with and finally conquered difficulties. So that the readers can see how you change as a result.

Concentrate on what matters the most. Think of the things that inspire and encourage you, then write a brief paragraph explaining each one’s significance. Once you have your list, it will be simpler to limit your topic to one or two things.


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