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What are the risks when working in a confined space?

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What are the risks when working in a confined space?

Understanding the risks involved in working in a confined space makes it possible for those responsible to offer efficient protective equipment to protect professionals.

Thus, the company ensures that all professionals are properly prepared so that they can work in confined spaces safely and efficiently. Click here for confined space entry course 

We will explain in more detail what the risks are when working in confined spaces and what regulatory standards are involved in protecting professionals who work in these conditions.

This way, you will be able to identify how to best protect your team, offering the most appropriate PPE and other protective items.

What is a Confined Space?

First of all, it is important to understand what is characterized as a confined space, so that you can understand the dynamics that are quite specific in relation to the type of work environment.

A confined space is any place that was not designed for the prolonged stay of humans. The vast majority of them are environments with restrictions related to mobility, ventilation and also entry and exit.

Every confined space has some specific characteristics, such as:

  • Environment with low concentration of oxygen gas;
  • May have a high concentration of toxic gases such as hydrogen sulfide, carbon monoxide and methane;
  • Poor natural ventilation;
  • Little mobility, with few escape routes.

A confined environment does not necessarily have all the characteristics listed. However, it is common for such characteristics to be present in most confined environments. Some examples of confined spaces are:

  • Reservoirs and silos;
  • Pipes and sanitation installations in general;
  • Fuel tanks.

Such environments pose a series of risks for professionals who work daily in confined spaces. Let’s see what these risks are below.

Confined Space Risks:

The confined space itself triggers some risks for the employee, such as:

  • Risk of fire or explosion;
  • Infection by biological agent;
  • Burial;
  • Electric shock;
  • Fall;
  • Crushing;
  • Inundation;
  • Intoxication;
  • Burn.

Daily work in a confined environment can affect the employee’s health, therefore, the use of all personal protective equipment is recommended.

The main objective is to preserve the employee’s health throughout the working day, aiming to prevent serious accidents from becoming fatal accidents.

When the environment is well signposted, the location is inspected to minimize risks and all precautions are taken so that professionals are safer in their work routine, everyday life becomes more efficient and safe.

This makes it possible for the team not to suffer accidents and, if this occurs, the protective equipment can effectively fulfill the role of preventing the employee from suffering very significant damage.

What PPE is required according to ?

Professionals who work in confined spaces must use personal protective equipment, such as:

1. Seat belt:

The seat belt must be used throughout the working day, both for entry and to facilitate the possible rescue of an employee who has suffered an accident in a confined space. The equipment must also be used when the employee performs activities that are being carried out at a height of more than 2 meters from the floor.

2. Hard hat:

Due to the risk of objects being buried or falling, it is essential that professionals working in confined spaces wear a safety helmet. With the main objective of preventing items from falling directly on your head in the event of an accident, the helmet reduces the impact, preventing damage to the employee’s health.

3. Safety Glove:

Safety gloves are used to prevent damage to the employee’s hands, which could become contaminated with chemical agents present in the work environment. By using gloves properly, it is possible to ensure a safer daily life, avoiding damage such as cuts and scratches and contamination caused by handling products using your hands without any protection. click here for confined space rescue course in UAE

4. Respirator:

Confined environments trigger a series of risks for professionals working there. It is a serious risk to enter such environments without using respirators, for example. Considering that they are closed environments, with little possibility of natural air circulation. Which triggers high contamination in the confined space. Therefore, it is essential that the worker wears a respirator, so that they can avoid inhaling any particles that could harm their respiratory health.

Find protective equipment for confined spaces:

The personal protective equipment that your team may need to work in a confined space with greater safety. Thus, making it possible for the environment to be less harmful to the humans who need to act in it.

By protecting your team with quality PPE, it is possible to minimize the risks of the functions performed. As well as preventing accidents from becoming serious and fatal.

Employees also need to be well trained in relation to the use of PPE, which must always be checked to ensure that they are in full working condition. This is so that they are efficient in the event of an accident and can truly protect employees.

All PPE  are designed to protect the health and integrity of workers throughout the working day. However, in addition to providing PPE in good condition, it is necessary to train and monitor whether employees are actually acting in accordance with the standards.

Take advantage of the variety of options  to purchase in a practical way, and valuing quality, all the PPE that your employees may need.

If you have any questions during shopping, our team is trained to assist and clarify your doubts about the items you want to purchase for your team.


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