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What are the Best Ways to Save on Baggage Fees with Emirates?

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We at Cheapest Flight are aware that every traveller wants an amazing experience without having to pay exorbitant baggage costs. We’re thrilled to share our top-notch advice with you in order to assist you avoid paying additional baggage costs while travelling with Emirates. We have selected the top strategies for managing your luggage effectively and making the most of your vacation without going over budget with an emphasis on enhancing your travel experience. Let’s explore the realm of clever packing and clever ways to save Emirates Baggage Allowance costs with Emirates.

Emirates Manage My Booking: Your Ultimate Baggage Management Tool

Let’s take a minute to acknowledge the usefulness of Emirates’ “Manage My Booking” option before moving on to the tactics. You may simply change your baggage limit using this user-friendly tool, and you can also see any additional charges for carrying more than the allotted amount. Let’s now examine the best techniques to save luggage fees and guarantee a stress-free trip.

  1. Pack Light and Smart

Pack judiciously and lightly to avoid paying hefty luggage costs. Consider your trip necessities carefully, and give wearable clothing options the highest priority. Roll your garments rather than folding them to conserve space, and think about wearing your heavier things while travelling to reduce the weight of your baggage.

  1. Know Your Baggage Allowance

Read up on Emirates’ luggage rules for your specific ticket type and class of travel. It would be easier for you to avoid last-minute surprises and possible costs if you are aware of the allowable weight and dimensions in advance. Try to remain within the permitted budget to avoid making unneeded purchases.

  1. Upgrade to Business Class

For a larger luggage allowance, think about switching to Emirates Business Class. Higher weight restrictions are often available to business class passengers, which might be advantageous if you plan to take more luggage. Business Class elevates your flying experience with its extra comfort and elegance while also saving you money on luggage costs.

  1. Join Emirates Skywards

Join the Emirates Skywards reward programme to get points for every flight reservation that qualifies. As you gain points, you may access advantages like free or reduced luggage limits. Along with receiving credits, Skywards allows you to avoid paying extra for checked luggage on subsequent flights.

  1. Utilize Emirates Co-Branded Credit Cards

Benefit from the co-branded credit cards given by selected financial institutions in cooperation with Emirates. These cards often provide advantages like increased luggage allowance or charge exclusions. These credit cards may result in considerable baggage charge savings when used for travel-related costs.

  1. Weigh Your Luggage Beforehand

Before going to the airport, weigh your bags to avoid paying an overweight baggage tax. To make sure your baggage don’t exceed the weight restrictions set by the airline, invest in a portable luggage scale. You may then make any necessary modifications and avoid paying further fees by doing this.

  1. Pre-Purchase Extra Baggage Allowance

If you anticipate carrying more than your regular allotment, you may choose to pre-purchase additional luggage from Emirates Customer Service during the booking process. It is sometimes less expensive to purchase extra luggage allowance in advance than to pay for excess weight at the airport.


There is no reason why flying with Emirates has to come with expensive luggage charges. You may drastically reduce your luggage expenses by following sensible packing procedures, being aware of your baggage limit, and taking advantage of loyalty programmes and credit card incentives. We at Cheapest Flight are dedicated to improving your travel experience and making sure your trip with Emirates is hassle-free and affordable. So, include these smart tips into your vacation planning to maximise your savings while still enjoying the luxury of packing light. Travel safely!

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