Embed Facebook Reviews on Your Website

Ways to Embed Facebook Reviews on Your Website

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Let us guess. You have been looking for different ways to embed Facebook Reviews on websites. And this is why you have landed on this blog. This blog will discuss how you can embed Facebook reviews on your website. 

Reviews and testimonials are an unskippable part of businesses. That too, when it comes from humongous platforms like Facebook. With almost 3 billion users, Facebook has become the go-to platform to know about the products and services they are expecting to purchase. And indeed when they see Facebook users praising a particular product, they feel more confident about their decision and purchase the product immediately. 

So how about integrating these Facebook reviews into your website? Have a look at the methods to embed Facebook reviews on websites

Tools To Embed Facebook Reviews On Website 

While you are placing positive elements on your website, it is important to take the right steps. Especially when you are working with things like Facebook reviews. Presentation matters. So how about placing these Facebook reviews in such a way that it attracts the attention of your website visitors, without any extra effort?  Have a look at the tools to make things easier for you. 


One of the best ways to showcase Facebook reviews on a website is to opt for tools like Tagembed. This is a truly no-code tool that will help you showcase the Facebook reviews widget in the best way possible. Apart from that, Tagembed also helps you to customize the overall look of your Facebook review widget.

For example, you can change the themes and layouts aligning the marketing campaign on your website. You can also use the customization feature to moderate the content you want to showcase on your website. 

In case you want to level up your customization game, you can also use their custom CSS feature to get your personalization through coding. Tagembed also helps you to have a responsive widget. Meaning your Facebook review widget will easily align with the website. 

#Reviews On My Website 

Another incredible tool to use while embedding Facebook review widget on website is Reviews On My Website. This testimonial aggregator tool helps you to fetch your reviews from platforms like Facebook, Google, and Tripadvisor. With the help of this tool, you can directly showcase (without any approval procedure) your reviews on your website. Apart from that, it also allows you to try out all the compositions and layouts. 

These layouts and compositions include styles like slides and carousels. This helps you showcase your Facebook reviews in an engaging format. Just like Tagembed, with this tool Reviews On My Website, you can easily change the reviews on your widget.  Remember that having reviews as fresh content will act as social proof for your business. 


Next up, we have amazing tools like Endosral for bringing Facebook reviews to websites. 

Endorsal is a customer feedback and review management platform that helps businesses gather and display testimonials. It simplifies the process of collecting and showcasing customer reviews, enhancing brand credibility and trust. It provides customizable review collection forms that can be embedded on websites or sent directly to customers. 

It also offers a range of features such as review moderation, rich snippets for search engines, and review widgets for displaying testimonials. The platform integrates with popular tools like WordPress, and other CMS platforms, making it easy to streamline feedback management. With Endorsal, businesses can effectively leverage customer reviews to build a positive online reputation and attract more customers.


Another tool we have on the list is Powr. This is a versatile website plugin platform that offers a wide range of customizable tools to enhance website functionality and user experience. It provides a user-friendly interface and integrates with various website platforms such as WordPress, Shopify, and Wix. 

It’s a diverse collection of plugins including forms, galleries, social media feeds, countdown timers, and more. These plugins can be easily added and customized without requiring coding skills. With Powr, users can enhance their website’s visual appeal, increase engagement, and improve conversion rates. The platform offers both free and premium plans, allowing users to choose the option that best fits their needs and budget.

In A Nutshell 

Facebook reviews are an integral part of any business. And it has to be included in your marketing campaign. If you are missing out on the chance, you are missing out on the conversion rate you want. We have mentioned the best tools that you can use to add Facebook review widget for your website. Use them in your marketing tactics, and see their differences. 

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