Water Radiator Heating Tips: Save Money and Energy

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As the temperature drops moving into the cold winter months, it is the right time to consider keeping your home as warm as possible while also keeping your water heating bill low as well. Water radiators and heaters account for nearly 18% of total energy consumption. Although the first thought may be to turn down the thermostat in order to save some money, there are some other simple household alterations that can help to cut down on the cost of hot water radiators.

Here is the ultimate guide to saving money and energy this winter season.

Tips for Low Billing Costs of Water Heating Radiators

There are several inexpensive changes for a radiator to be more cost-effective and energy-efficient in the long run. Here are the tips to cut down on the billing costs of water radiators and heaters:

  1. Regular Servicing

According to experts, the most effective way to cut down the cost of energy bills is to have your hot water radiator serviced by a professional. Based on the type of heating system, it is best to phone a professional at least once a year to tend to a heating system. Be sure to consider your home’s wider heating system as well, including all the pipes and heaters themselves. Radiators may become a severe problem if they are not serviced annually.

  1. When to Turn On and Switch Off the Radiator

It has been observed that leaving your heating system on low all day will not necessarily result in a lower heating bill. Rather, it is best to use heating only when you need it in order to save both money and energy.

Maximize the energy efficiency of your central heating system by using the heating only when it is needed.

  1. Upgrade Your Thermostat

The thermostat controls a home’s temperature by communicating with the boiler. Once your home has reached the desired temperature set on the thermostat, the boiler will go off until the temperature drops below that number again.

The age of a thermostat plays a crucial role in a well-heated home. If you have an outdated thermostat, you will find that there is a 3-5° Celcius delay in your boiler switching on again. This may not seem so significant; however, the boiler will have to heat the house for longer in order to get back up to the set temperature, thereby using more energy.

Purchasing a new modern thermostat can save some money by preventing energy from being wasted.

  1. Turn Down the Thermostat

You will certainly be tempted to turn up the heat on your thermostat when it gets cold, but you should know that turning your thermostat down by only 1°C can actually save money. You may not notice this at first but it is definitely worth trying.

  1. Time Your Heating

There is no sense in using energy to heat your home when you are either out or sleeping under warm blankets.

Set timers for your heating radiators based on the times you are home during the day and according to your daily and nighttime patterns. Be sure to set your heat so that the home is warm and cozy when you come home or wake up.

  1. Heat Only Some Rooms

Be selective with the spaces you are heating on a daily basis. Not all rooms in a home are used on a regular or routine basis, and therefore do not need to be heated at all times.

With thermostatic radiator valves, you can easily control your heating, room by room. This will allow you to turn down the heat in rooms you are not using, thereby minimizing the heating bills, amount of energy, and heat you are using to stay warm.

With these tips and tricks to cutting down on energy consumption, there will no longer be any worry for exorbitant electricity bills.

If your old heating system is outdated and needs replacing, the months leading up to the winter is a good time to consider new heating radiators or full heating systems.

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