UK Marriage Visa

Demystifying the UK Marriage Visa: Your Questions Answered!

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The United Kingdom is one of the best countries to settle down for various reasons. This county provides great cultural diversity, an impeccable work environment, the best healthcare system,  and a luxurious life to live. This is the reason why people from all around the world wish to settle down in the United Kingdom. But it can be a problem for people who are married to a settled British citizen. In such cases, if one partner is a non-EU citizen and wants to live together in the UK, they must first apply for a UK marriage visa. For such people, the UK government has designed a Spouse visa route. This visa allows you to enter the United Kingdom and live with your partner or spouse for five years. 


However, it is important to understand this visa route first to proceed through this route. Here in this specific article, we will explore some of the crucial aspects of this visa route. In this particular article, we will introduce you to the requirements of this visa route and the application process. Apart from that, you will also learn about common mistakes that usually happen when applying for this visa route. To eliminate those mistakes, you can get help from a UK immigration lawyer. So, what are you waiting for? Let’s delve into this piece of information. 


An Overview of UK Marriage Visa


UK marriage visa or Spouse visa route has been specifically designed for non-EU citizens. People who are married to a settled British citizen in the UK must take this visa route to stay with their spouse or partner in the United Kingdom. If you successfully obtain this visa route, you will be able to live in the UK without any further disruption from UK visas and immigration authorities. The major part of this visa route is that it has several requirements that are essential to fulfill. Without fulfilling those requirements, one can not obtain this visa route. In the next section, we will talk about some of the specific requirements of this visa route. 


What are the Specific Requirements of the UK Marriage Visa?


Here in this section, we will discuss some of the essential requirements of the UK Spouse visa route. It is one of the most important factors that is vital to fulfil for every applicant. 


  • Financial requirements are one of the first and major requirements for this visa route. The minimum financial requirement of this visa route is £18,600 annually. This amount should be in your bank account regardless of where it comes from. It can be as a form of your salary, business income and savings. However, if you have one or more than one dependent child, then the financial requirement can increase. 


  • Another requirement for this visa route is meeting the language requirement. You must pass an English language test and provide a passing certificate to the UK visas and immigration authorities. To stay in the United Kingdom, it is essential that you must have a certain level of knowledge about this language. You must know how to speak, read and write the English language. 


  • The UK government wants to ensure that the couple is in a genuine relationship. Thus, you must demonstrate to the UKVI that you are in a genuine relationship with your spouse or partner. To get it done, you can attach your marriage certificate, joint account details, electricity bill, history of your chats and pictures. 


  • To obtain this visa, you must also have an accommodation. You or your spouse or civil partner must have a place to live in the country. 


How to Apply for a UK Marriage Visa Route?


Applying for this visa route is essential and crucial, and that is why you must follow certain steps to be followed. 


  • First, you must visit the UK government website and open the spouse visa application form.


  • Now, fill out the form with all the essential details, such as your name, spouse or partner’s name, contact details, accommodation details, financial details, relationship proof, passport details, etc. 


  • Attach a copy of your passport, English language test certificate, marriage certificate, and biometric details along with your application form. 


  • You will have to pay the application fee once you attach all the documents to your application. A certain amount is essential to pay as an application fee. 


You must avoid several mistakes if you want to obtain this visa without any issues. Do not make any mistakes while submitting your application. Always ensure that all the details are correct and accurate. Must provide proof of your relationship with your spouse or civil partner. Apart from these, it must meet the financial requirements. If you experience any challenges during the application process, it is advised to get help from a UK immigration lawyer. There are various immigration law firms in the UK, such as A Y & J Solicitors, their team of experienced lawyers can assist you tremendously. 

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