Troubleshooting Common Kent RO Water Purifier Issues in Kochi

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The advancement and innovation in technology have brought a lot of changes to every field. With the advancement of time, the people of Kochi have been living a good lifestyle but the major issue here is drinking water. Drinking water in Kochi is quite unfit for drinking if it is not purified.

Water purification is essential for maintaining a healthy lifestyle. However, even with the best water purifiers, issues can still arise. In Kochi, one of the most common water purifiers used is the Kent RO water purifier. Despite its efficiency, users often experience certain problems that hinder its functionality.

Troubleshooting Common Kent RO Water Purifier Issues in step by step

To have the best and purified drinking water in Kochi, it is mandatory to have Kent Water Purifier Service Kochi. QuickFix has Kent Service Center in Kochi that provides hassle-free service related to water purifiers all over Kochi.

To book a water purifier in Kochi, you need to call customer care or just go to the QuickFix water solution website to book a call with the technician. QuickFix provides hassle-free services, once done technician will come and have a complete look at your water purifier to know the existing issue and get it sorted as soon as possible.

With the changes in time, water purifier is necessary for both commercial purpose and household. Drinking pure water can help you to stay safe from certain diseases like diarrhea as pure water consumption will eventually build your immunity. For the best functioning water purifier, it is necessary to have water purifier service in Kochi and there are certain useful tips to maintain the RO system with its best functioning that are as follows:

Keeping the exteriors of the RO system clean:

For efficient working of RO it is mandatory to keep your exteriors clean too. You should make sure that the exterior tap of the RO is clean with a dry or wet cloth. In order to maintain good working for your water purifier, you need to have regular maintenance and you can hire a professional who can help you when your purifier is not working fine.

Installing Softener:

For a water purifier, installing a softener makes it more efficient. A softener along with ROS makes the output of drinking water very reliable. A softener helps in making water low in TDS, thereby making it beneficial for drinking.


Another best option to keep your water purifier in a good working state is the regular cleaning and sanitization of the water purifier which could be done with the help of a professional. You can contact the QuickFix team for cleaning of your water purifier so that they can send professionals to your doorstep to fix your issues related to cleaning and sanitization.

Change in RO filters:

It is important to change your RO filters on a periodic basis. The pre-filter should be change within 6 to 9 months and the main RO membrane should be change between time period of 2-3 years. There would be a replacement of RO filter required if you do not change your filter at a certain period of time.

In this section, we will discuss some common issues that Kent RO water purifiers in Kochi may encounter. These issues can range from minor inconveniences to more serious problems that require professional assistance. By understanding and troubleshooting these problems, users can ensure the optimal functioning of their water purifiers and enjoy clean and safe drinking water. Additionally, we will provide some tips to prevent these issues from occurring in the first place.


In Kochi, the main reason to have a water purifier for your household or commercial purpose is due to the presence of certain impurities in water. With the changes in time, it is important to protect you and your loved ones from certain waterborne diseases, you can directly book your call with QuickFix Water Solutions in Kochi so that you can get amazing service at your doorstep. Therefore, Book a call with QuickFix now and get the best water purifier services from installation to change of parts of the water purifier.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why it is important to have a water purifier in Kochi?

It is important to have a water purifier service in Kochi as the consumption of quality of water is low, that consist of different kind of pollutants and contaminants.

How much time it takes to install a new water purifier in Kochi?

It usually takes a time period of between 1-2 days after the booking of Kent RO installation.

How can I book the service of the water purifier in Kochi?

To book service with QuickFix water solution in Kochi, you need to call a number or you can directly visit our website. Once you have made the booking, we will send a technician to your home place to get your issue sorted.

When should you go for Kent RO Repair Services in Kochi?

If your water purifier is showing some signs like odor in purified water, leakages, or any kind of noise. You can identify those signs and book Kent RO repair services to get the best water purifier service in Kochi.

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