Top Business Schools in France
Top Business Schools in France

Study Masters at Top Business Schools in France – Burgundy School of Business

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If you are considering studying in a business school in France, Burgundy School of Business can be a great choice. Established in the year 1899, BSB is a renowned educational institution known for its excellent teaching and research. The school has earned high recognition through national and international accreditations such as AACSB, EQUIS, and AMBA. BSB offers a wide range of management programs from bachelors to masters level, with numerous specializations.

Burgundy School of Business is more than just a business school, it supports a distinct model that centers on the student, aiming to nurture a different approach to higher education. The institution equips young minds with the tools to shape their own personal and professional identities. Its exclusive academic curriculum attracts students from diverse backgrounds worldwide. With a highly qualified faculty of 72 and 350 expert speakers, including 39% from abroad, BSB ensures a multicultural campus with students from 75 different nationalities.

If you are looking forward to study in France, Burgundy School of Business can be a cherry-pick for you. In this article, we will dive into the zest of pursuing a master’s degree in this incredible institution. So, stay engaged as we explore more.

Rankings and Reputation

Over the years, the Burgundy School of Business has become one of the most sought-after institutions among international students due to its elite academic curriculum. So, before we know about the study areas let us warm up with the world ranking of this incredible school.

  • The Institution ranks among the top 14 Business Schools in France
  • Ranked 62nd in the Financial Times
  • BBS is among the top 1% of Business Schools internationally with triple accreditation.
  • Ranked 1st in the Master in Cultural Management in France -Eduniversal
  • Ranked 1st in Wine Management in France – Eduniversal
  • Ranked among the top 15 post-preparatory Schools of Management

Now that you are aware of the rankings let us now move ahead and explore the masters programs offered at the Burgundy School of Business.

Popular Masters Program

The Burgundy School of Business offers numerous popular masters programs that are highly preferred by international students. Whether you are interested in management, entrepreneurship, wine and spirits business, or any other specialized field, BSB provides a diverse and dynamic environment for academic and personal growth. Thus, for more clarity of thought we have mentioned some of the popular undergraduate programs below.

  • Master in Management
  • MSc in Sustainable Wine Tourism & Gastronomy
  • MSc in Data Science & Organisational Behaviour
  • MSc in Sustainable Wine Tourism & Gastronomy
  • MSc in Arts and Cultural Management
  • MSc in Corporate Finance and Investment Banking
  • MSc Luxury Management & Innovation
  • MSc in Arts and Cultural Management
  • MSc in Wine Management
  • MBA in Wine & Spirits Business
  • MSc in Green Tech & Sustainable Societies
  • MSc in Climate Change & Corporate Finance
  • MSc in Artificial Intelligence & Digital Technology Management

These are some of the popular masters courses, and the average fee for these courses is around 14,000 EUR. To manage your cost of abroad education, you can opt for numerous scholarships offered by the government and education providers.

Living Expenses

In France, accommodation costs may vary, depending on your preferences. The monthly rent for accommodation typically is around €200 and €750, depending on factors such as location, quality, size, and whether it is furnished. On average, you need to pay around €400 in rent, many foreign aspirants also receive financial support to pay their rent by getting housing subsidies up to €200 per month.

Additionally, you need to make a budget for utilities which can range from €40 to €100 per month, covering essentials like electricity, gas, and internet. Thus, you need to plan your budget efficiently before you plan your academic journey at Burgundy School of Business.

Concluding insights

We hope this article gave you the essence of studying for a master’s degree at Burgundy School of Business. If you want more information on Top Business Schools in France reach out to the top study abroad consultants, good luck.

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