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The Skillset of a Real Estate Virtual Assistant: What to Look for When Hiring

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In the fast-paced world of real estate, staying organized and efficient is crucial for success. Real estate agents and brokers often find themselves overwhelmed with administrative tasks, lead generation, and managing listings. This is where a Real Estate Virtual Assistant (REVA) can be a game-changer. A skilled REVA can help streamline operations, freeing up valuable time for real estate professionals to focus on what they do best: closing deals. In this article, we’ll delve into the essential skillset of a real estate virtual assistant and explore what to look for when hiring one.

What is a Real Estate Virtual Assistant (REVA)?

A Real Estate Virtual Assistant, commonly known as a REVA, is a remote professional who provides administrative, marketing, and organizational support to real estate agents and brokers. They work from a remote location, utilizing various digital tools and communication platforms to stay connected with their clients. REVA’s offer a wide range of services that help real estate professionals manage their day-to-day tasks efficiently.

The Benefits of Hiring a REVA

Hiring a REVA comes with several benefits that can significantly impact a real estate professional’s productivity and success. Firstly, it allows agents to focus more on revenue-generating activities like networking and meeting clients. Secondly, REVA’s can manage administrative tasks such as email management, appointment scheduling, and data entry, freeing up time for more critical tasks. Additionally, REVA’s can enhance a real estate business’s online presence through social media management and digital marketing efforts.

Essential Skills and Qualities of a REVA

Administrative Excellence

A top-notch REVA must exhibit administrative excellence. This includes exceptional organizational skills, attention to detail, and the ability to multitask effectively. Handling paperwork, managing calendars, and maintenance coordination appointments are among the tasks that require administrative expertise.

Strong Communication Skills

Effective communication is vital for a REVA as they often act as the liaison between clients, prospects, and other team members. Excellent verbal and written communication skills ensure that messages are conveyed accurately and professionally.

Tech Savviness

Being tech-savvy is non-negotiable for a REVA. They should be proficient in using various software and tools like Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems, project management platforms, and document sharing tools.

Organizational Skills

A skilled REVA excels in organizational abilities. From maintaining databases to managing files and documents, strong organizational skills are critical for smooth operations.

Marketing and Social Media Proficiency

A REVA with marketing and social media skills can help boost a real estate business’s online presence. From creating engaging social media content to running targeted ad campaigns, marketing proficiency is a valuable asset.

Research Abilities

Conducting market research and gathering valuable data is part of a REVA’s responsibilities. Research skills are essential for identifying potential leads, understanding market trends, and staying ahead of the competition.

Customer Service Acumen

A REVA often interacts with clients, and exceptional customer service skills are essential for building and maintaining positive relationships.

Time Management and Proactiveness

A proactive approach to time management ensures that deadlines are met, and tasks are completed efficiently. A REVA should be able to prioritize tasks effectively to maximize productivity.

Understanding of Real Estate Terminology

Familiarity with real estate terminology is a must for a REVA. Understanding industry-specific terms and concepts enables them to communicate effectively with clients and prospects.

Where to Find Qualified REVA Candidates

When searching for a qualified REVA, consider platforms like virtual assistant agencies, freelance marketplaces, and professional networking sites. Always review candidates’ portfolios and request references to ensure they have the necessary skills and experience.

Questions to Ask During the Hiring Process

Do you have experience working as a Real Estate Virtual Assistant?

This question gauges the candidate’s expertise in the real estate industry and their familiarity with the specific demands of the role.

How do you stay organized and manage your tasks efficiently?

The candidate’s response will shed light on their organizational skills and ability to handle multiple responsibilities.

Can you provide examples of successful lead generation or marketing strategies you’ve implemented for previous clients?

This question assesses the candidate’s marketing acumen and their potential to contribute to lead generation efforts.

How do you handle time-sensitive and high-pressure situations?

The candidate’s answer will reveal their ability to remain composed and efficient under pressure.

What is your familiarity with real estate software and tools?

Knowing the candidate’s proficiency in real estate-related software is crucial for seamless collaboration.

Onboarding and Training the REVA

Once the right candidate is selected, a comprehensive onboarding and training process should be initiated. This includes familiarizing the REVA with the business’s processes, software, and specific requirements.


A Real Estate Virtual Assistant can be a valuable asset for any real estate professional looking to enhance productivity and efficiency. By possessing essential skills like administrative excellence, communication prowess, tech-savviness, and marketing proficiency, a skilled REVA can help real estate agents and brokers stay ahead in the competitive market.


  1. What are the typical responsibilities of a Real Estate Virtual Assistant?

REVA’s typical responsibilities include administrative tasks, lead generation, marketing support, customer service, and data management.


  1. How much should I expect to pay for a REVA’s services?

The cost of a REVA’s services varies based on experience, location, and the scope of services required. Rates can range from hourly to monthly fees.


  1. Can a REVA assist in managing multiple listings and contacts?

Yes, a skilled REVA can efficiently manage multiple listings, contacts, and appointments, ensuring a smooth workflow.


  1. What are some signs of a highly skilled and reliable REVA?

A highly skilled and reliable REVA will have excellent communication, time management, and organizational skills, along with a track record of successful client support.


  1. How can a REVA contribute to lead conversion and growth in real estate business?

A REVA can contribute to lead conversion and growth by implementing effective marketing strategies, nurturing leads, and providing excellent customer service, thus fostering positive client relationships.

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