The One-Stop Shop for Everything Trucking in the UK Region

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Are you looking for a captive audience for your truck and trailer adverts? Look no further than Truckslife, the only “One-Stop Shop” for everything related to the haulage, transport, and logistics business. Our unique system allows you to advertise, purchase or view the following services:

Vehicle – New and used vehicle and trailer sales

Parts – New, used and aftermarket parts

Accessories – New and used accessories

Truck Services – Servicing, repairs, recovery, insurance, etc.

Haulage – Loads offered and backloads available

Jobs – Advertise and apply for truck-associated roles

Truck Stops – Locate truck stops near you

Fuel – Find the cheapest fuel near you

Auctions – Advertise and locate truck auctions

Buyers – Why Choose Truckslife for Buying New or Used Trucks?

At Truckslife, we have made the process of new truck sales a lot easier, transparent, and efficient. Buyers can now select new or used trucks from reputable dealers or individual sellers by using our powerful search facilities to select the vehicle of their choice. We help our buyers with useful tools and very comprehensive and easy-to-use search facilities that help them decide on the best trucks sale which perfectly fit their requirements. Buyers can also find new or used trucks that best fit their budget plans so they can get the truck they need without spending a fortune.

With a wide selection of trucks in our catalogue, we are sure to have the one that perfectly fits your needs. At Truckslife, buyers can make the most out of the following benefits:

A large cross-brand selection of vehicles and trailers from dealers and private sellers

Precise, tailored, and accurate search functions throughout

Clean lines free from those annoying popups

Driving a positive buying experience by providing detailed information about the trucks

Full vehicle details including photos of all truck views

Vehicle photos showing all views

Access through the web or mobile app

Whether you’re looking for a work truck or a personal truck, our portal has everything that you are looking for. All trucks and trailers advertised on Truckslife are priced by the seller and no commission is added.

For Sellers: Advertise at Truckslife to Sell Fast & Sell Easily!

Truck dealers or individual sellers can sign up with us to showcase their stock or trucks and trailers for sale on our site and get access to a dedicated audience of potential customers who are interested in their trucks. With our support team assisting you every step of the way, selling your truck is no longer a stressful process.

Some of the reasons that make our Truckslife the first choice of preference for Dealers and Sellers of Used Truck Sales include:

Cost-effective: Real value for money with clearly defined and laid-out advert plans

Ease of use: Quick and easy step-by-step uploading of individual adverts

Vehicle information added quickly – DVLA data pulled automatically

Confirmation: Instant advert email confirmation, and supporting invoicing issued

Easy editing: Edit and amend individual adverts at any time for free 24/7

Advert counter: See hits/views on your individual advert counter

Option to pay monthly for ANY non-specific adverts; volume discounts available

Multiple currency options

User website or app to add adverts

Plus, whenever a new advert is added we automatically post it on social channels to attract more buyers.

How to Advertise at Truckslife for Selling your New or Used Trucks Sales?

So how does our advertising work? Well, you can either advertise on a “One-Off” basis (Standard Plan) and “pay as you go” OR on a “Monthly” basis (Professional Plan) where you pay monthly for ANY number of adverts continually running.

Standard Plan:

For occasional users who want to pay as they go for each advert. An advert can be placed for 30, 60 or 90 days, and if more than one advert is required then volume discounts can be applied.

Professional Plan:

This is for companies or users that require one or more adverts to run continually. The advert can be replaced at any time at no extra cost; for example, if a vehicle is sold then another can be advertised in its place. A monthly fee is paid depending on how many adverts are required.


Why sell my truck at Truckslife?

With Truckslife you can sell your used or new truck online by simply listing your ad on our website. We can help you connect with a customer base who is interested to buy your Truck for Sale. Selling your truck is no longer a stressful process with Truckslife. We are the best platform for New and Used Truck Sales.

Why is Truckslife the best site for Used Truck Sales?

Truckslife is the best trusted and the most reputed online platform for Truck Sales. We help you sell or buy new or used trucks at an affordable price. We help buyers in finding the best truck that perfectly matches their requirements and budget.

Is it good to buy Used Trucks for Sale?

Yes! Buying Used Truck Sales is a smart option and at Truckslife you can explore a wide range of used trucks that are reliable and tough, making them perfect for any job. The trucks listed on our portal are affordably priced with complete information related to the trucks, so you can get the truck you need without spending a fortune.

How to advertise to sell your truck at Truckslife?

You can either advertise on a “One Off” basis (Standard Plan) and “pay as you go” OR on a “Monthly” basis (Professional Plan) where you pay monthly for ANY number of adverts continually running.

How does Truckslife differ from its competitors?

Truckslife is dedicated to the Trucking and Haulage business and is a “one-stop shop” for anything connected to the Trucking world. We have developed a modern advertising platform with clean lines, free from those annoying popups with Quick and easy, step-by-step uploading of individual adverts. Buyers can find a variety of different brands and models at a variety of different prices.


In conclusion, if you’re looking for an online marketplace where people and businesses go to view and purchase anything truck related, then look no further than Truckslife! Our unique system allows you to advertise, purchase or view a wide range of services related to the haulage, transport and logistics business. Whether you’re looking to buy or sell new or used trucks, parts, accessories or services, we’ve got you covered. So why wait? Sign up today and start exploring all that Truckslife has to offer!

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