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The role playing games have evolved by time and generation, but none has been as competitive and exhilarating as Cyberpunk 2077. With its abundant content and the setting in a distant post-apocalyptic future. Cyberpunk added a new feel to the video game fans that has never felt before in so many years. Not only did the game go big after its release. It also took over the fashion scene by introducing a new variation of the jacket. This is actually made for the true video game fan that also has reunited love for role playing games.

The Cyberpunk Jacket brings together the world of fashion and video games into one place.. The jacket style includes a variation that resembles the one that the character would wear in the game. The jacket achieves a more futuristic look by mixing the traditional material and the features.This might predict what a jacket would look like in the future. Pretty Cool, Huh? Now, let’s check out some of the styles that this jacket would come up with. So, Let the action begin.

Samurai Cyberpunk Jacket

The funny thing about the Cyberpunk Jacket is that the variation would not be complete without the inclusion of one of its already iconic protagonists, Samurai V. This future goth boy is the main character of Cyberpunk. He is tasked with removing the ruthless, Nazi-esque authority from claiming the country you might call the NUSA. New America is dominated by a gothic-like environment in the future.

Nothing can pack more of a punch for a video gamer like you who wants to try something related to their hobby. This is called video games. The jacket also resembles the one the character wore during the game. He takes out the ruthless government in style. The antagonists who are on the verge of gaining order and control over society.

The best part is that it is made with genuine leather like the rest of the winter breakers. It only adds a futuristic layer on top of the jacket. The classic zipper closure is not just an easy addition to the jacket but also one that matches the game’s tone and the true futuristic vibes.

That is not all; the logo of Samurai V is also a testament to the video game’s personality and presentation in terms of gameplay and graphics. It also establishes the protagonist as one of the most death-defying and daring rebels that seek to overthrow the government of ruthless overlords. Every video game fan’s dream comes true with this Cyberpunk Jacket.

Cyberpunk 2077 Jacket

Cyberpunk follows the story of a hero embarking on a mission to overthrow the tyrannical government from laying claim to the NUSA. It follows the protagonist V, who takes on the worst of the evil government while also taking on an adventure in a very distant, post apocalyptic future. You might have heard about the evil organizations in video games. Like the Templar Order in the Assassin’s Creed and Shadaloo In Street Fighter, this game also expands on the bigger threat here. So, Cyberpunk Jacket adds a feel of taking out the bad guys deal. This gives it a different flavor regarding storytelling and characters.

Like the previous Cyberpunk Jacket, this one is also made with a mix of real leather made from the genuine skin of the animals. Secondly, the biggest feature of the jacket is that it has much bigger pockets. You can store some useful inventory. The most interesting highlight of the jacket is the stand-up collar. It offers a glimpse of the style that the protagonist, Samurai V, carries with him during the storyline. The color variation is a dark one ranging from black to gray while incorporating the linings in red and white. These form the basis of the attire while giving it some true futuristic vibes by including the black linings.

The jacket also offers some features, such as the stitching of the armor-style patches on the sleeves and shoulders, along with the techno-style zipper closure that packs a different punch for the fans who know and love Cyberpunk. What’s more? The Cyberpunk Jacket also allows for greater durability while making it look more tough like the protagonist. He is also a daring crazy in the game.

What to Expect?

Aside from these variations, the Cyberpunk Jacket also offers variations based on the other supporting characters from the cast, like Panam Palmer, another protagonist of the game, and the Phantom Liberty, the newest antagonists of the game introduced in the latest expansion of the game of the same name. These jackets include different styles and outlooks that catch true gaming fans’ eyes. You know what I mean, true believers.

There are plenty of video games that might feature settings like the future dominated by the tyrants or a megalomaniacal organization trying to lay claim on the universe. This is actually a common setting for video games. Most video games like Mass Effect and Dead Space also featured these settings. That is also the coincidence that they were so popular that they even got their own outerwear, varying from character inspired jackets to traditional hoodies.

Although the setting of a futuristic, post apocalyptic world ruled by tyrants is very common in video games. Cyberpunk adds a different taste by mixing the Hollywood movies and anime to create the best visual ever seen in a video game. This can be traced by the efforts made to make the story interesting. They have more insight into the attire and love something based on a video game. Another interesting fact is that The Cyberpunk Jacket is also bringing an era in fashion. It predicts what the future might look like, judging by the design and aesthetics of the leather.

You also have the opportunity to embrace the cyberpunk style and become a real tough dude by taking out the bad guys. It’s something every video game fan would desire, and you’re in for the treat of a lifetime.


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