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Thailand is Now Open! Travel Guidelines & To-Do List You Must Know About

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After years of restricted or barred entry, Thailand has once more opened its gates to tourists. The once-booming tourism industry in Thailand had stalled due to the COVID-19 pandemic. 

The impact of this persisted beyond when they finally opened the country up for tourists to visit, but this time, it required them to carry COVID-19 passes and have travel insurance.

However, now is finally the best time to go to Thailand as they have further reduced the travel restrictions. It has removed the COVID-19 pass restriction and further eased other travel restrictions. 

Although still highly recommended, Thailand has removed the travel insurance for Thailand restriction except for countries that mandate RT-PCR/ATK testing done for COVID-19 before entering them, like India and China. 

That was a lot of information, so let us delve deep into Thailand’s travel guidelines and things you can look forward to doing once in the country. 

Things to do at least once in Thailand

  1. Island Hopping in Phuket
  2. Check out the White Temple
  3. Get a Thai massage in Bangkok
  4. Kayak Trip on Krabi 
  5. Cabaret Show in Patong Beach
  6. Visit an elephant sanctuary

Not only these but there are many more things that one must experience at least once when visiting Thailand. 

Travel Guidelines for Thailand

Currently, most travel restrictions to Thailand have been removed, except for Travel Insurance for Indian and Chinese tourists. This is why it is essential to understand and get travel insurance for Thailand.

Before getting into how to get travel insurance, let us first deal with what travel insurance is and why you should get travel insurance when travelling to Thailand. 

Travel Insurance is a form of protection offered to travellers from several different risks associated with travel. Usually, when travelling abroad, people are susceptible to a high level of risk in the form of losses emerging from unexpected situations. This is where travel insurance comes in and safeguards you from these risks.

Why you should get travel insurance?

1. Mandatory

It is currently mandatory to have travel insurance if you are an Indian travelling to Thailand. 

2. Financial Security

Travelling abroad is often very expensive, and any undue or unaccounted expenses can hamper the traveller’s financial security and lead to incurring debt. 

3. Medical Emergencies

It can happen to anyone who is feeling perfectly fine one day and suddenly becomes ill the next. While the degree of this can vary from person to person, it is essential to know these risks exist and consider them. 

4. Physical and Mental Well-being

Several kinds of risks can impact a traveller’s physical and mental well-being, from getting into an accident to worrying incessantly about your family getting into an accident and being unprepared for it. 

5. Other trip-related issues

One can also be subjected to entirely unassociated risks, such as missing their connecting flight, losing their baggage or important documents such as passport or visa.

This is why everyone should purchase travel insurance so that they are not unaware of these risks when they are travelling to Thailand

How to get Travel Insurance for Thailand?

Here are the steps to get travel insurance for Thailand online. As always, I am biased towards Niva Bupa and their travel insurance. This is why I will share the steps to purchase travel insurance. 

  1. Visit the Travel Insurance page for Niva Bupa.
  2. Enter the form details mentioned. I.e. Whether you are looking for insurance for a single trip or student travel insurance, your destination country, trip duration, and mobile number. 
  3. After this, you can click on view plans and be shown the different plans Niva Bupa offers for Thailand travel. 
  4. Once you have checked all the coverages and chosen the plan that best fits your needs, you can purchase the plan or request a callback after filling in the details.
  5. You will get the policy document in your email if you have made the purchase. 

Wrapping up

With this, you should be aware of the travel guidelines listed by Thailand for entry, as well as why you should get travel insurance and how to get one. With this, you can visit the beautiful country of Thailand and enjoy all of the things they have to offer. 

Whether it is the scrumptious delicacies, the sapphire blue sea, or the golden sand on the beach, let us enjoy Thailand and be financially and otherwise protected by availing of travel insurance for Thailand.

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