Sublimated Basketball Uniforms

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Unlike traditional jerseys and uniforms that are heavy with thick fabric and sewn-on lettering, sublimated uniforms are light and breathable. This makes them comfortable to wear and helps athletes perform their best on the court.

They are also durable and won’t crack or peel over time like screen printed uniforms do. This is a major plus when it comes to team uniforms.


Whether they’re in high school or a professional league, every team needs a uniform that promotes their spirit and identity while also keeping them comfortable during games. The best way to do this is with sublimated basketball uniforms. Through this process, ink is fused directly into the fabric, resulting in vibrant color that won’t crack or peel over time.

At Affordable Uniforms Online, we offer a wide selection of custom sublimated basketball jerseys and uniforms from leading manufacturers like Champro Sports, Augusta, Founders and more. You can create your team’s design using our easy-to-use Design Board and have your new uniforms ready to be shipped within one week.


If you have played basketball for any length of time, you know that the right uniform is a crucial element in both your performance and your style. While some players prefer a sleek, athletic look with minimal design details, others want to stand out on the court with a unique look that reflects their team spirit and identity. The right uniforms are also a key component in helping athletes feel comfortable and confident during their games.

One of the best ways to get a stylish, high-quality custom basketball jersey is through sublimation. This printing method uses heat to transfer dye directly into the fabric fibers. It’s a process that produces uniforms with vibrant colors and detailed designs. In this blog post, we will take a closer look at the benefits of sublimated basketball uniforms and explain why they’re a great option for sports teams.

Athletes who play in traditional uniforms that are heave with thick fabrics and sewn-on lettering may find themselves weighed down during game time. Not only is this uncomfortable, but it can also detract from athletic performance. In contrast, sublimated jerseys are lightweight and offer a more flexible fit. They’re also more breathable than traditional jerseys, which means players can stay cool and focused on their game.

With sublimated basketball uniforms, you can have any color, pattern, trim, font, or logo printed on them. This allows you to customize your team’s jerseys and create a unique, cohesive design. In addition, the printing is durable and will stand up to repeated use and washing. The only downside to sublimation is that it typically costs more than traditional uniforms.

Fortunately, Affordable Uniforms Online offers the latest styles of sublimated basketball jerseys at affordable prices. We have a wide selection of options for every budget, including youth and adult uniforms for recreational and professional leagues. If you’re interested in a particular design or fabric, contact us today to get started designing your new uniforms. We have no minimum order requirement and no set-up fees, so you can start playing in your new uniforms quickly and easily.


Regardless of whether you’re shopping for high school or professional basketball uniforms, it’s important to invest in quality. A good-quality uniform is not only more comfortable and durable than its lesser-quality counterparts, but it also helps create a sense of unity and professionalism on the court.

When choosing a basketball jersey, it’s important to consider the material as well as the brand. Polyester-cotton blends are typically a great choice as they offer both comfort and durability. Additionally, it’s a good idea to stick with reputable brands that have stringent quality control procedures and have a reputation for offering exceptional value.

One of the best options for custom basketball jerseys is sublimation. The process of sublimation involves fusing the ink directly into the fabric, creating colors that will stay vibrant wash after wash and custom elements like names and numbers that won’t crack or peel. Shop our selection of Prosphere custom sublimated basketball jerseys online and start designing your team’s uniforms today.


Basketball uniforms are an integral part of a team’s identity and brand. They should be comfortable, durable, and stylish, allowing players to move freely on the court and express their style and spirit. Whether you’re a high school basketball team or a professional league, affordable uniforms online can help you create the perfect look for your organization.

Unlike screen printing, embroidery, and tackle twill, dye sublimation actually prints colors into the fibers of your custom jersey or uniform, creating vibrant color that will last wash after wash and will never crack or peel. This gives your team a professional, unique look that will stand the test of time.

Start designing your team uniforms today with no minimum order or setup fees! Shop top brands like Champro Sports, Augusta, Founders and more.

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