Stylistic Influence of Colours in Fear of God

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Fear of God is an unlikely fashion brand that scaled giant odds to become a brand that goes head to head with the biggest brands out there. Fear of God’s growth stayed underground for a while while Jerry Lorenzo worked toward making the brand a game-changer. For years, Jerry Lorenzo spent tens of thousands of dollars on his Fear of God venture. Essentials Hoodie sells fear of god essential clothing. Even though Lorenzo says his brand doesn’t directly reflect his religion or the punk era, despite his inspirations. It just happens that those two are part of a larger amalgam of things he calls his brand.

The influences

Two sources influenced Jerry Lorenzo’s perception of the Fear of God brand. Punk music and religion go hand in hand. Having grown up in a deeply religious household, Lorenzo was instilled with a fear of God from an early age. Hence, his brand’s moniker, Fear of God, seemed natural to include as he built it. He also draws inspiration from vintage pun/rebellious aesthetics for his clothing line. I was inspired by the likes of John Bender from The Breakfast Club, Allen Iverson from the NBA, and Kurt Cobain from Nirvana. As a brand progresses, stylistic influences can change, but Jerry Lorenzo has remained true to the roots of his inspiration. Hoodies featuring Fear Of God are among the most popular on the planet.

Even though Lorenzo claims otherwise

Although Lorenzo claims his brand does not directly advertise his faith or late-20th century punk era, despite his inspirations. In his words, his brand is an amalgam of things, and those two just happen to be part of it. The simplicity and minimalism in Lorenzo’s designs have also evolved over time. It is his preference to keep things simple in a world of ever-more complicated designs. Despite his inspirations, Lorenzo claims his brand is not an advertisement for his faith or the punk era of the late 20th century. Those two are just two components of his brand, he says. His involvement with Kanye West back then was a direct result of all this. In the first collection of Fear of God,

A few essentials

In the case of a brand that sold clothes at the prices they were selling and then sold out, it might not seem necessary. Customers demanded it, though. The bape hoodie fat also needed to be trimmed. So Lorenzo worked on the essentials line, which brought the same kind of fashion, but stripped down and cheaper. Back then, all this culminated in him joining Kanye West’s team. Fear of God’s first collection was a hit with Kanye when it dropped. Lorenzo was then invited to join him. In three years, that collaboration lasted without sacrificing any aesthetics, and the essentials have brought a new perspective to hoodies, tees, and jeans. Colors are as sharp as ever in the essential line. As expected, the fabric and clothing are of high quality. According to my understanding,

It is essential to fear God’s essentials

Due to this, Fear of God’s Essentials line has become very popular. Fear of God is now seen as Lorenzo’s injection into the fashion industry, and his essentials line is his injection. A self-taught newcomer to the fashion industry, his 7th collection highlights his evolution into something much larger than life. He still looks at the silhouette when it comes to clothing today, and he still looks at how it can look good. Before Fear of God was launched, he used this approach. As a result, he has developed a unique perspective on everything.

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