red saree
red saree

Styling Red Sarees: Embracing the Power and Elegance of the Color

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Though you have many colors in the market, a red saree is undoubtedly on a woman’s wish list. The fierce color makes you look beautiful bold, and sensuous. Women adore this color and choose to wear it on various occasions. While a simple red chiffon saree is highly recommended for a puja, an embroidered saree is ideal for parties and weddings.

Here are Some Classic Ways to Style Your Red Saree And Wear it Fashionably:

Embellished blouse

While basic red sarees are trendy, you may pair them with embroidered blouses featuring zari or mirror work for a stylish look.

Go Monochrome With a Red Saree And Blouse

A simple red saree with a matching blouse looks chic and loving. The color red itself shouts elegance, and it’s recommended for any occasion. Accessorize the saree cautiously, as the color is bold and heavy jewelry can spoil your overall look.

Cotton Red Sarees

They are light and comfortable at the same time. So, if you want to try a cotton silk saree in red, don it for a charming desi look.

Go With The Combination of Red And Blue

The colors red and blue signify a remarkable fashion story you cannot skip. Team your red saree with a blue blouse, inexpensive material such as velvet or silk, and look your diva best. Accessorize it with luxurious gold jewelry and bindi to get a gorgeous appearance.

Team Gold And Red

A gold blouse is a universal option. Women who love sarees know the advantages of owning a gold blouse. It is a perfect mate for events, saving you options and time to search for a matching blouse.

Choose Laced Sarees

For those who wish to flaunt their svelte figure, laced red sarees are undoubtedly a great option. A strapless lace blouse will enhance your figure and give you an ideal look.

Pick Sheer

A sheer red saree gives you a remarkably hot look, even in traditional attire. And, of course, some embellishments on the saree will be like icing on the cake.

Silk Sarees

If you’re looking for a traditional look in red, go for a silk red saree. Depending on your preference, it can be a plain saree or with varied prints or embroideries.

Heavy Red Sarees

For weddings, festive occasions, and special events, you can choose a red saree with heavy embellishments. Keep it stylish by choosing a saree with heavy borders.

Chiffon or Georgette Sarees

They are simple to wear and easy to carry. You can choose a red saree in these fabrics in floral print, plain design, or heavy embroidery.

Accessories to style your red saree

Bangles: Depending on the event, you can choose a set of bangles or one kada. Usually, women prefer an arm filled with bangles for traditional occasions and a simple kada for casual outings.

Handbags: Choose an ethnic purse if you are wearing a heavily embroidered saree. However, if you are wearing a plain red saree in cotton or chiffon, you can wear a clutch or tote bag. If you’re going for a shiny red handbag, choose a yellow saree to go with it.

Jhumkas: Danglers are your saree’s best friend. Hence, whether you are wearing a simple red saree or a traditional one, choose a matching set of jhumkas accordingly. You can also choose to wear red jhumkas with a yellow saree.

Footwear: Ethnical dresses demand ethnic footwear. Choose some heels, or your saree will simply wipe the floor. It would also exude a good posture.

So, these are the options to complete your red saree look. Remember, you look your best when you’re dressed comfortably. So experiment with different styles and pick your ideal option.

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