Study Permit Canada: Unlocking a World of Opportunities for International Students

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Higher education can be a wonderful experience for transformative growth. People looking forward to exploring different cultures, opportunities, and world-class experiences can change how they achieve their goals for successful career growth. While many countries may offer world-class education, Canada has emerged as a global hub for international students.

This beautiful country has a vibrant culture, society and welcoming community that attracts students and learners worldwide. One of the essential elements of studying in Canada is a study permit that allows students to pursue their education in this country. 

Let’s learn more about study permit in Canada.

What Is a Study Permit?

A study permit is a government document that acts as a temporary visa for people visiting Canada for educational purposes. It is not necessarily a temporary visa. It depends on the country of citizenship. They may need extra documents like a resident visa or eTA. It offers 90 days after study completion to prepare for departure to your home country.

Legal Requirements and Eligibility Criteria

Here are the legal requirements for getting a study permit to Canada:

  • Acceptance by DLI (Designated Learning Institute) in Canada

It is important to get approved by a DLI to secure eligibility. A person planning to study in Canada should have a letter from a designated learning institution allowing students to study in their institution. The government should approve these DLIs.

  • Financial Proof

Students should have enough funds to cover their tuition fees, living and travel expenses. The financial proof should be a bank statement, scholarship letter, or a letter from a sponsor willing to bear all the expenses of your education, travel and living. 

  • Medical Health Certificate 

You must submit a proof of medical certificate claiming that you are in good health and pose no threat to the Canadian population.

  • No Criminal Record 

To obtain a study permit, you will need a police clearance certificate to show that you have no criminal record and your background is clear, which is usually required to ensure the safety of Canadian citizens.

  • Letter of Intent

In most cases, students will have to submit a letter of intent explaining why they plan to study in Canada and their plans after completing the study to will help immigration authorities understand their purpose of visit better. 

The study permit duration depends on the study program, after which students get a window of 90 days to settle all the documents.

Study permits are usually allowed full-time. For medical conditions and projects, students can also do part-time study and work for the remaining time. The work time depends on their academic study schedule and institution.

Students can also have study permits extended before a current one expires. They will have to meet eligibility requirements.

Study permit has opened a world of opportunities for students. We hope you are now familiar with the requirements and criteria. You can also consult the official government or look for eligibility criteria on the official websites. You will get all the details, including the information on spousal sponsorship in Canada. Explore your options and be prepared for international opportunities.


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