Social Learning in Learning Management Systems: Collaborative and Interactive Learning

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Various breakthroughs in the internet era and educational industry have made it possible. Offer online education to educate the students from comfort of their homes. It aims to make higher education accessible for everyone even in the most remote locations. But it eliminates the classroom experience of students as they are learning alone from their house. But with the help of LMS software, they can experience education and gain social skills just like in a traditional classroom

Here’s how learning management systems enable social learning in the institutes

Collaborative Learning-

Collaborative learning is a learning approach where the students are made to work together in groups. They work on various activities like group projects, assignments, extracurricular activities, and others. The reasons why collaborative learning is essential for the social growth of students are-

  •       They learn and share knowledge with other students
  •       It helps them to understand the importance of working on the strengths of everyone.
  •       It gives an idea about teamwork, group activities, and working with people that have different ideas and mindsets
  •       It enables them to learn conflict resolution in a mature way
  •       It helps the students take responsibility for their work
  •       It enables them to understand and consider others’ ideas and look at them naturally.

In an online class, the learning management system helps the institute to conduct collaborative learning sessions among the students even if they are located remotely from each other. They can connect through chats, group chats, and email. The system helps them to work together easily just like a regular classroom.

Interactive Activities-

The rise in new learning methods has given a major emphasis on conducting engagement activities in the school apart from just educating them through instructional learning. It helps to increase student’s interaction and participation in the classroom.

Several institutes adopt the flipped classroom educational approach where the student reads and learn about any new topic as homework and the classroom sessions are used to explore more about the topic. The teachers conduct engagement activities like question and answer sessions, debates, games, and others that are likely to enhance students’ perspectives about the subject.

The LMS software helps the institutes to conduct all these activities with ease in the remote learning environment. It helps the students to increase their confidence by understanding new ways of learning, speaking for what they believe in, and participating in the classroom with other students.


The previous method of learning mainly consisted of teachers giving instructions to the students and explaining a topic and so on. The major disadvantage of this learning method is that it is a teacher-centered approach rather than student-centered. It does not give any account of the student’s understanding of the subject or attention in the classroom.

To increase students’ interest and attention in the classroom, it is important to conduct activities that enable their classroom participation through gamification and other activities. The teachers can conduct skits, debates, and other sessions that improve students’ interest in the classroom.

This also helps to increase classroom attendance of the students and reduces the drop-out rate in the course. The students get opportunities to explore their various skills and abilities.

Emotional Learning

Emotional learning takes place when the students are allowed to explore and learn by working with other students in the classroom. It helps to understand their ways of working and understanding things. It also gives an idea about the diversity of students from different religions, states, and countries.

The students must connect to enable emotional and social learning and see the problems faced by people from different backgrounds. It enables them to learn skills like professionalism, better communication and enables them to understand their strengths and weaknesses in different fields.

The LMS software enhances students’ working with peers on various projects. It helps them to build a network from the comfort of their homes. They can share study materials, knowledge, and other information that can lead to the overall growth of the students.

Cultural Diversity

Our country is filled with people from different cultures, backgrounds, regions, and castes. Every student comes from a different place and has a different set of lifestyles, thoughts, and ideas to offer. When the students learn in collaboration with their peers, they get the chance to explore new ways of eating food, talking, languages, and other things making them aware of our cultural diversity.

Further, the get information about problems faced by people from different regions, similarities in different cultures, their festivals and other experiences enhances the social learning of students from a young age.


The rise of the internet has made it possible for students to enroll in courses and programs from their own homes. But with the help of LMS software, they can connect even in remote learning environments. The students learn from different aspects of education and enhance their social learning experiences. The software is easy to use for everyone and highly secure in its operations.

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