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If you are trying to boost the growth and revenue of your business, you need to adopt the best possible ways such as applying the best branding and marketing strategies, entertaining clientele, maintaining products and service quality, and expanding the reach of your business. All the methods play important roles in expanding your business and clients worldwide. If you are running a small business and want to expand its reach, you need to start multiple branches of your company to different destinations in the world.

If you are looking to expand your business wings across Asia Pacific, you should better choose the top business destination in Asia. Many entrepreneurs, businessmen, and investors like to start new branches, headquarters, and businesses in Singapore. A city-state like Singapore is one of the sought-after business destinations in Asia, where global brands and small businesses find ways to grow their trades and find international clients as well. Additionally, it is crucial to consider Singapore company GST registration to comply with the local tax regulations and ensure smooth operations in the country.

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Why Choose Singapore for Business Setup

There are many significant reasons to choose Singapore as your business development destination. Singapore welcomes global businesses and brands to come and trade in the Singaporean market which will help the country to capitalize on its revenue and boost the international trading industry. Also, small businesses will get the opportunity to deal with international clients and increase their financial status. 

Here are some important factors that woo small businesses to set up their ventures in Singapore:

  1. Good Economy

Over the years, Singapore has become economically strong which is fuelled by global traders or businesses. The GDP of Singapore has been increasing every year which inspires businessmen and entrepreneurs to set up their branches and headquarters in the country. The country is multiplying its economy by exporting machinery, tools, manufacturing materials, etc. Besides, the financial services and moneylenders in Singapore are also helping the country to boost its economic status. However, many foreign businesses are trying to set up their ventures or new businesses in Singapore to increase clientele and boost revenue. 

  1. Easy Business Setup and Registration Requirements

Many foreign businesses or small traders have found Singapore as the best business destination across the Asia Pacific. You will find the process of new business setup and registration procedures easy to follow and manage documentation as well. To set up a new business in Singapore, you should fulfil the following requirements:

  • Firstly you need to set a professional Company Name and register it with Singapore trade authorities like IRAS and ACRA. Make sure, the name of your company is unique and does not match with the name of other companies.
  • You should give details of the numbers of directors and shareholders of the company to the Singapore government authorities for verification. 
  • Apply for company GST registration to get a GST number. The process of Singapore company GST registration is also easy. You can get knowledge about it from authorized business registration service agencies in Singapore.
  • Make sure, you have minimum fund support of up to 1S$ M to start a business in Singapore. 
  • You also have to appoint an in-house company secretary who will be responsible for handling the company’s operation, administration, legal, and board of directors’ work. Every company has to appoint a company secretary after the completion of six months of venture in Singapore. If you are unable to hire a company secretary, you may apply for corporate secretarial services in Singapore from trusted business registration service agencies. 

So, if you are planning to set up a new business in Singapore, you should follow all the above processes to qualify for business setup and registration in the country. In case you are unable to manage all the above steps, you can take the aid of legal business registration service agencies in Singapore.

  1. Low Tax Rates

Many entrepreneurs and small businesses like to move to Singapore for new business or venture setups due to the low tax rates in the country. Singapore government has set the business tax rates up to 17% and the GST tax rate to 8% which is fixed. However, it attracts global small businesses to set up new branches in Singapore to grow their revenue and pay low taxes. 

  1. GST Registration

In Singapore, every small to large size business has to pay corporate taxes and GST taxes too. If your business is related to goods and services, you need to get a genuine GST number for the business operation. The goods and service tax rates in Singapore are fixed up to 8%. You can apply for Singapore company GST registration by meeting the following requirements. 


  • Determine the type of GST tax you need to apply for business.
  • Fill out the GST form or go for the option to apply for GST registration online via the myTax portal using CorpPass with supporting documents as per requirement. 
  • Follows standard documentation process for applying GST tax for goods and services in Singapore.
  • Pay minimum GST registration fees and follow the rules of ACRA authority in Singapore for the same. 

Thus, the above are some relevant steps to applying GST taxes in Singapore.

  1. Profits for New Businesses

Singapore offers several profits for new or small businesses to grow. Singapore government gives rebates on annual revenue or business taxes for small or new businesses in Singapore, till they achieve the threshold limit. Besides, the Singapore government also provides the right safety for small businesses. In some cases, small or new businesses in Singapore get 100% rebates for all types of taxes. But, there will be some conditions applied for the same.

  1. Favorable Business Environment

Singapore provides a favorable business environment for foreign and in-house businesses. You will find colossal corporate buildings and commercial setups across the country, where you can book furnished office spaces and shops for starting your business. You can also hire offices and shops for rent in top commercial buildings and business spaces in Singapore. Thus, it will help small or new businesses in Singapore to get the right environment to grow and find potential customers as well. 

Thus, the above are some significant points to consider when wooing global businesses and entrepreneurs to set up their ventures in Singapore. 

If you are unable to follow all the above steps on your own, you can also take the aid of genuine business registration service agencies in Singapore. Such agencies are engaged in all types of business setup, registration, and other corporate services as well. In case, you are unable to hire a professional corporate secretary for the company, you can also outsource corporate secretary services to the leading business registration agencies in Singapore.

The authorized business service firms in Singapore will provide you with the best corporate secretarial services singapore as per business requirements. Also, you can hire a corporate secretary for full-time or part-time service for your business operations, administration, and other legal matters to handle. But, it is advised to outsource or hire corporate secretaries from licensed or registered business service companies in Singapore. Hence, it is important to identify some legal proofs of business service agencies in Singapore such as:

  • You should check with genuine proof of an agency such as license or registration number, official website, online reviews, market reputation, service records, client feedback, and more. 
  • Make sure, the business service agency provides legal services for business setup to registration needs of clients’ trades. 
  • There should be skilled and experienced business professionals in-house at agencies like chartered accountants, corporate secretaries, financial advisors, auditors, etc. Thus, you will get legal services from professionals in the industry.
  • Check with business service charges that should be as per industry rules. 
  • Have a look at the previous history and service record of the company to serve reliable and effective services. 

So, you also need to check all the above points before taking aid from any business registration service agency in Singapore. For more details, you should navigate the websites of leading business registration service firms in Singapore.

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