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Vaping culture is on the rise today. These are better replacements for cigarettes. But what if you could improvise and get better vapes that are safer, more functional, and more practical? Sili box vapes are the superior option to your traditional vapes. These vape boxes are made of food-grade material, making your vaping experience smoother and safer. They offer two modes one is the automatic draw, and the other is Turbo HIT for a stronger puff. Silicone box vapes offer 6000 puffs from 16 ml pre-filled liquid of 5% nicotine strength in varied enticing flavors. They are rechargeable and have an advanced mesh coil with accurate resistance to enhance the flavor.

Advanced features and cutting-edge technology

  • The Sili vape boxes are made from high-quality food-grade silicone skin-friendly material which makes them a sustainable option.
  • These bars use advanced technology that offers you two prime moods of function, you can either go for auto-draw or press the turbo HIT button for a more powerful draw and enhanced experience. The Turbo mode gives you cooler sensations, sweeter flavor, stronger hits, and more clouds.
  • Sili box vapes have a battery of 600 mAh and are rechargeable and can be charged using a C-type charger.
  • In each bar, you get 16 ml of pre-filled E-liquid with 5% nicotine salt concentrate.
  • Each air bar jk gives you 6000 puffs.
  • To enhance the taste of vapes an advanced mesh coil of 1.0Ω resistance is used along with premium quality e-liquid.

Enticing flavor for a better vaping experience

The extensive lineup of flavors available for Sili Box Vapes ranges from classic profiles to innovative and exotic blends to make your vaping more flavorful. Each vape is given flavor by blending it with nicotine e-liquid to improve its feel. You can choose from more than 42 fruity, icy, strong, and authentic flavors. The sili box vapes come in flavors like tropical breeze, blue slush, Caribbean punch, oceanside strawberry, iced apple bomb, wiggly vile, PBLS, mango mistress, jolly lush, grape daddy, candy Pop, Gooey gummy, and many more.


How are Sili box vapes different from traditional vapes?

There are multiple factors that make Sili box vapes stand out from the rest. Let’s confer what these differences are.

  • Composition material

Sili box vapes have taken vaping to another level with their silicone food-grade high-quality covers. These boxes are composed of skin-friendly which is a more sustainable choice. The use of this material in the body design of air bar jk has made vaping much safer and smoother.

  • Style and design

The style and design of Sili vape boxes are trendy and functional. As these bars are made of slip-free high-gripping material you are no longer at the fear of dropping or losing them. The smart and stunning body design makes them a statement model to carry along.

  • Improved functionality

These disposable vapes are easy to use and have advanced features and functionality. You can control the amount of vapor produced by simply adjusting the airflow. Moreover, you do not have to re-fill them, again and again, owing to the large e-liquid tank.

  • Maintenance and durability

The composition material used to craft these vape boxes has made them durable and resistant to wear and tear. They are easy to dismantle making it easier to re-fill them. The handy design and portability have made it easy to walk with vapes. All you need to do is wipe off any debris or dirt and your vape is ready to use.

Sili Box Vapes have emerged as trailblazers in the world of vaping, captivating enthusiasts with their unrivaled ingenuity, cutting-edge functionalities, and unparalleled performance.


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