Sesame Cultivation – The Profitable Farming Guide

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Sesame has an important place in oilseed crops. We can do Sesame production thrice a year. Sesame is a cash crop for farmers whose market demand remains constant. However, its demand is highest in winter as many sweets, gajak, laddoos, etc., are made from Sesame. Apart from this, oil is extracted from Sesame, which has the highest market demand. Given this, sesame cultivation is very beneficial for farmers. Farmers can earn more profit by getting better sesame production if some things are taken care of.

Sesame Cultivation Essentials Explained

This blog explores the entire process of Sesame cultivation with yield and profits. At the same, it describes the essential tips for a higher production of Sesame. 

Season For Sesame Cultivation

Sesame cultivation can be done three times a year. In Kharif, it is sown in July. It should be planted in the semi-rabi season from the final week of August to the initial week of September. Summer crops can be sown from the second week of January to the second week of February. 

Climate And Soil For Sesame Cultivation

The temperate climate is suitable for Sesame. However, its crop is not good when excessive rain or drought occurs. On the other hand, if we talk about land, light land and loamy land are good for this. This crop can be grown in soil having pH 5.5 to 8.2. Apart from this, it is also grown in sandy loam to black soil. 

Field Preparation For Sesame Cultivation

Remember, there should be no weeds while preparing the field for sesame cultivation. After removing weeds from the field, do the first ploughing with an Eicher tractor. After this, do 2-3 ploughing with a cultivator or a plough to make the soil friable by applying slats in the field. At the same time, mix 80 to 100 quintals of rotten cow dung manure in the last ploughing.


Seed Rate And Seed Treatment For Sesame Cultivation

1.6-3.80 per acre seed should be kept for sowing Sesame by sprinkling method. On the other hand, we can use a seed drill for sowing in rows, for which reducing the seed rate to 1-1.20 kg per acre is sufficient. In the mixed method, the sesame seed rate should be at most one kilogram per acre. Moreover, to prevent diseases, treatment should be done with 2.5 grams of Thiram or Captan per kilogram of seed.


Sesame Sowing Method

Sesame is generally sown by the broadcast method. However, weeding is difficult when planting Sesame by sprinkle method. So it is best to sow it in rows. On the one hand, the work of weeding becomes more accessible; on the other hand, the yield is also more. For the uniform distribution of seeds, the seeds should be sown mixed with sand (sand), dry soil, or well-rotted farmyard manure in a ratio of 1:20. Moreover, seeds should be planted about a depth of about 3 cm, keeping plant-to-plant and row-to-row distance of 30 x 10 cm.


Manure And Fertilizer Use In Sesame Cultivation

At the time of field preparation by any Farmtrac tractor, 80 to 100 quintals of rotten cow dung manure should be mixed during the last ploughing. Along with this, 30 kg nitrogen, 15 kg phosphorus and 25 kg sulphur per hectare should be used. Half the quantity of nitrogen and the full amount of phosphorus, potash and sulphur should be given as base fertilizer at the time of sowing, and half the quantity of nitrogen should be given to the standing crop at the time of first weeding.


Irrigation Needs In Sesame Cultivation

Sesame crops require less irrigation in the rainy season. If there is no rain, irrigation should be done as per requirement. One irrigation must be done when the sesame crop is 50 to 60 percent ready. If it rains, then irrigation should be done as per requirement.


Weeding In Sesame Cultivation

The outbreak of weeds remains in the sesame crop. For this, the first weeding should be done after 15 to 20 days of sowing. Second-time weeding should be done after 30 to 35 days. At this time, while weeding, the distance between the plants should be reduced to 10 to 12 cm by thinning or rarefaction. For weed control, Alachlor 50 E.C. 1.25 litres per hectare should be used within two to three days after sowing.


Sesame Harvesting

When sesame leaves turn yellow and start falling, and the leaves turn yellow with a green tinge, it should be understood that the crop is ripe and ready. After this, harvesting should be done from the bottom along with the tree. After harvesting, bundles should be made and stacked in tiny heaps at various places in the field. When the plants are well dried, the seeds should be removed by beating the plants with the help of sticks or rods or by sweeping them lightly.

Stay tuned with us for more information about profitable farming. 

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