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Ruby stone & Jewelry Buying Guide

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Rubies are exquisite gems in our lives to use in jewelry. This variety of the mineral corundum has a lengthy history and is beyond the ideals of beauty. They formed under the earth’s crust under extreme pressure, making them incredibly precious. Buy Ruby stone prices in India fall between INR 5,000 ($60.40) and INR 25,000 ($302.02) per carat. They most crucially reflect the romance that a couple shares and wishes to keep for the remainder of their lives.

Three Key Considerations for Buying Ruby Jewelry

There is a wide variety of quality ruby jewelry, so picking the right one might be challenging. Taking into consideration the gem’s color, clarity, and cut is the key to selecting a high-quality, eye-catching ruby gemstone. Here Are Three Key Considerations When Buying Ruby Jewelry

1. Pick the right red color.

The shade of red that a ruby gemstone possesses considerably determines its total value. Jewelers consider the stone’s hue, tone, and saturation before making a final decision on the stone’s ruby stone price.

The overall color of the original ruby gemstones, is determined by how much red is present and how many other colors can be made out. The finest rubies have an intense color with very little or no noticeable zoning. When an authentic ruby hue is patchy, it is said to exhibit color zoning. This sometimes results in areas or “zones” of the stone that are either paler or darker in red than The tone of the stone, in this context, means the intensity of the color. Even though they can vary in shade, all rubies are mostly red.

The saturation of a ruby is the degree to which its color is intense. Saturated rubies lack brightness since they don’t reflect light properly. 

2. Check that there are no apparent inclusions.

If you want to buy a ruby stone online, confirm that it is eye-clean. This ensures that the seller determines that inclusions are microscopic threads, droplets of metal. The ruby crystals during their formation are visible to the naked eye. In the jewelry industry, a ruby’s “clarity” describes the number and nature of inclusions in the stone. 

The richness of color in most rubies is one of their many desirable qualities. This depth not only helps them to conceal their inherent imperfections but also helps in determining the perfect cut.

3. Don’t underestimate the significance of the cut.

A ruby gemstone cut is one of the most crucial factors in establishing its value. It is common for natural ruby crystals to take the form of elongated tubes. Jewelers take unpolished ruby crystals, analyze them attentively, and then give them a cut that enhances their beauty. However, we cannot confidently claim that these are the accepted ruby cuts. In contrast to diamonds, which have predetermined cutting, rubies do not. Oval, cushion, round, pear, and even heart-shaped cuts are all possible for rubies.

What is considered to be a high-quality ruby?

At Navratan, rubies range from deep to vibrant red in color. We offer a wide range of collections of ruby gemstones that are free from any obvious inclusions and have a cut that enhances their inherent beauty. Buy Ruby to make a stunning addition to any jewelry collection.

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