Rights and responsibilities of international student tenants in Dublin
Rights and responsibilities of international student tenants in Dublin

Rights and responsibilities of international student tenants in Dublin

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Dublin is becoming a more popular study destination for international students every year. Before settling in, an international student in Dublin must take into account a number of variables, with housing being a key one. It’s vital to be conscious of your student housing rights as a tenant when living in the city, irrespective of the kind of lodging you select while you’re a student.

Dublin provides numerous housing alternatives both affordable and luxurious accommodation for international students. You can opt from on-campus and off-campus Student Accommodation Dublin. While most of the first-year university students prefer university halls for their living, majority of second year students prefer to move into private accommodation. You are also available with short-term housing or a rental property best for a single occupant, roommates, or a family.

For overseas students, private housing facilities are the popular choices. You can pay your housing rent on an annual basis or even on monthly basis. The rental deposits entirely depends on the rental agreement between the owner of the property (landlord) and the renter (tenant).

Your rights and responsibilities as a tenant will vary based on the type of housing you opt for.

Rights to Basic Accommodation

If you are renting a private residence from a landlord who does not also reside there, you have a number of rights. Rent-controlled homes include houses, flats, apartments, and bedsits. Some of the most significant rights are listed below:

  • Your lodging must be in good shape and adhere to a set of requirements. the RTB, or the Residential Tenancies Board.
  • You’re entitled to privacy. Your rented space cannot be entered by your landlord without your consent.
  • Records should be kept in writing. A rent book, agreement, or lease must exist between you and your landlord.
  • You will receive a written 90-day notice before your rent is increased once every two years. Your landlord must give you three examples of nearby properties with comparable price increases, and the price increase must be at current market rates.
  • Your landlord is responsible for making repairs unless you caused the damage.
  • If you want to leave the accommodation and you have to notify your landlord at least 30 days before verbally and with a written notice as well. If you fail to do so, you landlord has all the rights to keep your deposit. He can also not return your deposit if you vacate the rented space within six months from the start of your rental lease.
  • If you have any problem with your rental property or your landlord, you can always seek help from the RTB. They will act as arbitrator to settle your disagreement with your landlord through a dispute resolution procedure.

Increases in Rent: Your Rights

The landlord of your dig is free to increase the rent of your space at any time, and you can only have a healthy bargain with him or her.

You should know the region well where you are looking for rental accommodation if you are not living in a dig. Check whether it is a rent pressure zone. There are severe restrictions on how much the landlord can raise the rent if you do reside in a rent pressure zone. However, there are yet a few regulations if you don’t reside in a rent pressure zone, but there are fewer margins on how much your rent can go up.

What is the cost of living in Dublin?

The city’s average cost

In Europe, Dublin is one among the most expensive cities. It has a higher cost of living. There are many other affordable cities but none can provide you with the experience of living in a big city as you will have in Dublin. Thousands of international students pick Dublin every year despite the increased prices because they can live luxuriously on a student budget.


Rent: Beyond tuition, housing rent is the highest price a student must bear and it also makes for the major part of the cost of living in Dublin. Majority of the educational institutions in Dublin provide accommodation on campus, but due to the growing student population, they are always in high demand. This is why many international students choose to live in private student housing facilities.

In conclusion, Dublin offers a wide range of housing options for international students, ranging from on-campus university halls to private accommodations. It is important for students to be aware of their rights and responsibilities as tenants to ensure a comfortable living experience. Rent-controlled homes must meet certain standards and tenants have the right to privacy and proper documentation. Rent increases are possible, but there are regulations in place, especially in rent pressure zones. While Dublin may have a higher cost of living compared to other cities in Europe, many international students choose to study in Dublin because of the unique experience it offers. Accommodation costs, including rent, tend to be the highest expense for students, but with careful planning, it is possible to live comfortably on a student budget in Dublin.

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