rfid jewellery management system
rfid jewellery management system

RFID Jewellery Management System For A High Return On Investment

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Are you a dealer of jewelry pieces and semi-precious stones? Are you thinking of implementing an effective inventory management system? The perfect solution assures you of accurate results. Every business owner in the jewelry industry is aware of the necessity of a robust inventory management system. This aspect is all the more significant, owing to the involvement of high-value and small-sized products.

Taking a rational stand

In the field of retail inventory management, you will frequently come across product identifiers such as SKU (stock-keeping unit) and UPC (universal product codes). You can keep track of jewelry pieces with such traditional means, but the process can be time-consuming. This is why many companies of modern times focus on radio frequency identification tags. RFID Jewellery Management System helps in meeting the inventory count needs with precision. Such information is of immense importance to insurance companies and also helps to curtail the chances of counterfeiting and other losses.

As tracking means

The modern tags hold a place of significance both in the jewelry store and warehouse. In recent times, the intervention of such modern technology has helped make the entire process of tracking products much faster and more precise, right from creation to sales. The element of customization exists, and as a business owner, you have the choice of creating custom tags to fulfill the needs of any individual. The RFID Jewelry Tracking System is cost-effective and can produce results faster, in comparison to other tracking methods.

Faster management of inventory

If you are looking for ways to promote accuracy in the inventory management process, these modern tags will help you save considerable time. There will be substantial improvement in accuracy. Modern technology offers the advantage of a long reading distance. You will get a higher range if the reader has an ultra-high frequency feature.

Real-time information

If you have a modern reader, you will derive information in real-time. On top of that, there is no need to scan tags individually. You will not get this benefit in SKU or UPC tags. Therefore, if you happen to be a business owner dealing with a high volume of products, then this modern technology will be handy for you. It will enable you to know the exact location of the jewelry piece around the clock. You will not be required to browse around and perform the counting each time.

Prevention of losses

All industries face loss, and there is no way you can avoid it. However, in the jewelry industry, special attention is emphasized on the loss prevention aspect. This is because even tiny pieces studded with precious stones can amount to a considerable sum from a monetary perspective. Thefts from jewelry stores are a common occurrence. These thefts are continuously rising. The radio frequency identification tags generate an alarm sound as soon as jewelry tags are taken outdoors. This is how thefts are stopped to a considerable extent.

Faster Sales Process

Radiofrequency identification tags give an opportunity to companies to track items. It also helps you to keep information about them in detail. The labels might include information about its location, appearance, and pricing structure. Billing clients becomes a much smoother process for the task force. The task of locating jewelry within a store is much easier now, and in this way, you will attain higher sales performance.

Cost-effective option

If you run a comparative analysis between radio frequency identification tags and bar codes, the former option is more economical, in the long run. The former option can be put to use several times, and they are also known for their durability. There is also a substantial reduction in costs concerning inventory management.

On a final note

Do extensive research about companies excelling in tracking solutions. The service provider you are considering should be a reliable name in the market. They should be familiar with the latest tools.

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