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Pulled Pork Sausage with a Garlic Kick – a Flavor Bomb Masterclass

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Get ready to take your homemade sausage game to dizzying new heights of bold flavor with the powerhouse taste trio of tender pulled pork, pungent minced garlic, and classic savory sausage seasoning. When these three complementary ingredients join forces in perfect balance, the result is a flavor bomb bursting with indulgently smoky, richly meaty, and garlicky goodness in every incredible bite.

So let’s get pulled, minced, stuffed, and seasoned as we master the art of crafting kicked-up pulled pork garlic sausage from scratch!

Pulled Pork – The Star of the Flavor Show

The foundation of our flavor bomb of pulled pork sausage garlic seasoning starts with luscious pulled pork – genuine slow-smoked and shredded pork shoulder with a texture falling apart thanks to hours upon hours of patient low and slow smoking. This tender pulled pork will lend incredibly deep smoky flavor notes plus irresistible meaty richness to balance and support the punchy garlic and spice blend.

For peak flavor and moistness, opt for a boneless pork shoulder roast with ample marbling and a nice fat cap when selecting the meat. Use a straightforward savory dry rub of salt, pepper, and paprika before smoking to allow the natural pork flavors to shine. After 8-12 hours of leisurely smoking at around 225 F, the pork shoulder should effortlessly pull and shred into a mass of mouthwateringly succulent meat.

Garlic – The Pungent Flavor Powerhouse

Next, we harness fresh minced garlic’s full potency and powerhouse flavor magic. Take a whole head of garlic and mince, crush, or blend until you have a smooth, aromatic paste. The pulverizing process necessary to make the paste amplifies the garlic oils and compounds within to amplify its aromatic potency.

Let the minced garlic paste rest for at least 10 minutes before incorporating it into the sausage mixture. This short rest allows the harsh, bitter tones to mellow out and brings forward the sweeter notes. When used in moderation, the garlic adds a wonderful pungent pepperiness that excites the palate and pairs perfectly with the smoky pork.

Seasoning with Artful Finesse

Once we’re done with pulled pork sausage and garlic, seasoning is next in line. Now it’s time to combine everything and harmoniously blend the luscious pulled pork and pungent garlic paste with artful complementary seasoning.

Add generous amounts of coarse cracked black pepper, sweet paprika, and a pinch of cayenne pepper to add depth, savoriness, and a subtle spicy kick. To balance the spices and garlic, incorporate brown sugar to lend a touch of molasses sweetness.

Dried red pepper flakes can optionally be used to merge smoky heat into the mix. And kosher salt ties all the spice flavors together. Take your time and feel the flavors marry and pop!

Casing with Care

Once the pulled pork garlic sausage mixture meets the seasoning, we’re ready to gently stuff everything into natural hog casings to give the sausage shape. Use a sausage stuffer tool for quick and easy filling with minimal air pockets. Eliminate any remaining air pockets by pricking the casings with a sausage needle before twisting and separating them into 6-8 individual sausage links.

Now the stuffed and linked sausages are all ready for the final cooking process.

Cooking Low and Slow

Gently poach the stuffed sausage links until the internal temperature in the center of each link reaches 155°F. Start by bringing a large pot of water up to 170°F before adding the sausage, and then reduce heat to maintain a bare simmer. This slow, delicate poaching cooks the sausages evenly from edge to center and allows time for the flavors to properly meld and distribute. For maximum flavor infusion into the meat, cool the cooked sausages completely in the poaching liquid before transferring to the fridge to chill overnight.

Pulled Pork Sausage + Garlic Seasoning: The Flavor Bomb Explodes!

Finally, the glorious moment you’ve been waiting for arrives – just slice into that supple and firm sausage casing to ignite an indulgent explosion of smoky garlic and pork flavor in your mouth! Take a moment to bask in the myriad of flavor subtleties: the irresistible porky richness, the tingle of peppery spice, and the potent garlicky punch, all absolutely popping with finger-licking flavor. You did it – a masterclass in crafting and savoring pulled pork garlic sausage kicked up with flavor bombs. Now enjoy!

For more inspiration on bold new sausage flavor bombs to try in your kitchen, check out the tempting array of pulled pork garlic sausage and seasoning options from the seasoned masters at Meyer’s Elgin Smokehouse. Their heritage recipes refined over four generations of sausage making combine the perfect balance of smoky pulled pork, savory spices, and garlic magic.

From fresh and dried sausages, smoked flavors, and BBQ seasoning to smoked Turkey Breast Texas style smoked sauces, we offer scrumptious items to take your sausage game to the next level! Order some of Meyer’s flavor bombs to taste test today!

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