Non electric water purifier

Non-Electric Gravity-based Water Purifier, a Cost-Effective Solution for Pure & Safe Drinking Water

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According to the WHO, the TDS value of drinking water should be less than 500 ppm. Also, it is crucial to consume water that is free from sand, mud, dust, germs, viruses, and other contaminants. This is where the importance of RO purification comes into existence.

RO purification is important when you receive municipal water, well water, or when your water source is located near an industrial area. People often get confused about how to select the best water purifier for home use. However, if the TDS value of the water you get at your home is less than 250 ppm, you can go for a gravity-based water purifier without electricity.

What exactly is a non-electric gravity-based water purifier?

As the name implies, non-electric water purifiers do not need electricity to operate. Such types of water purifiers are the perfect solution in areas where there is a shortage of electricity. Regarding technology, such water purifiers use gravity to remove impurities from the water. It is a chemical-free solution to treat water that contains harmful elements and contaminants. The gravity system and sediment filters separate the dust, mud, sand, and other sediment particles from the water. Along with this, it also removes microorganisms, gems, parasites, and viruses that cause waterborne diseases.

Now, the question is how non-electric gravity-based water purifiers a cost-effective solution for pure & safe drinking water are. Well, here are a few reasons:

Simple Filtration and Purification Technology:

A non-electric water purifier does not use heavy components, it uses activated carbon, sediments, and UF filters to purify water, which makes it quite simple.

Transparent Design:

Non-electric water purifiers are relatively compact and have a transparent design for storage tanks that help you to monitor the water level easily to schedule its refilling.

Highly Portable and Easy to Install:

Non-electric water purifiers are highly portable and easy to install. You do not need expert and well-versed beginners for its installation in your home.

Attractive Design:

Many brands manufacture non-electric purifiers with unique and attractive designs that complement your modern kitchen.

Cost Effective:

A non-electric water purifier is a cost-effective solution for safe and clean drinking water as it does not require much maintenance due to non-electric operations.

The Bottom Line

A water purifier removes all the suspended particles and microorganisms dissolved in the water and provides clean and safe water for consumption. Even an unpleasant taste or bad odor can be removed from the water. Unlike other types of water purifiers, gravity purifiers also prevent the wastage of water. Buying a water purifier for your home means you choose to be healthily hydrated throughout the day.

ZeroB has acquired a great name in offering the best water filter for homes without electricity. Its gravity-based non-electric water purifier i.e ZeroB Suraksha Plus Pro is an easy-to-install system that works on 4 stages of water purification. It is built with a high-grade filter, active disinfectant, bacteriostatic activated carbon, and special magnitude. Also, it has the potential to remove turbidity by 70%. With 15 liters of good storage capacity, ZeroB’s non-electric water purifier is your great choice to get healthy water for drinking and cooking.

Durability and high quality are the specialties of ZeroB products. Thus, if you are seeking a simple, cost-effective, and long-lasting home water solution, then buy a water filter for your home without electricity that will be worth your investment.

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