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Microsoft Releases September 26 Update For Windows

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Microsoft is rolling out its next big feature update for Windows 11 on September 26. The optional update will bring Copilot with AI features as well as updates to inbox apps like Paint and Photos. It also introduces a modern File Explorer with large file thumbnails and a carousel interface as well as new audio settings and dynamic lighting controls for your PC.

AI-powered assistant

Microsoft is releasing its next major update for Windows on September 26, and the AI-powered Copilot feature is a big part of it. Essentially, it’s an intelligent assistant (similar to Cortana) that can control your PC’s settings, launch apps, and answer simple queries using text prompts.

You can access the feature by pressing WIN+C or clicking on the new taskbar icon. It will also appear as a sidebar on the desktop and will be integrated into other Windows apps such as Snipping Tool, Photos, and Clipchamp.

Copilot will be deeply embedded into the system, and according to Microsoft it’s the “first step in an era of amplified human potential.” Optimists will cheer, pessimists will see that this could also mean more privacy concerns and unnecessary usage of system resources. Regardless, the update will also include a redesigned File Explorer, improved Paint app, and more. It’s the first of three planned updates for this year, with a major update for 2024 coming in November.

Redesigned File Explorer

Microsoft has been working to bring File Explorer into the modern era, and it’s finally doing so with this update. As highlighted in a sizzle reel from Build, the company is adding new features to the Windows 11 app that offer a more intuitive, streamlined, and aesthetically pleasing experience.

Among the enhancements, File Explorer will now feature an updated home interface with large file thumbnails and a carousel of recommended files. There’s also a new Details pane for shared files that provides a more comprehensive view of the contents of such files. Additionally, there’s deeper integration with 365 that will surface relevant email threads and recent comments related to a particular file or folder.

Other changes include a revamped search bar that’s integrated into the header, and rounded corners for interface objects to align with other elements in the system. As for the taskbar, you can now right-click on running apps to ungroup them into individual tabs.

Ink Anywhere

Microsoft has released its latest Windows 11 upgrade that comes packed with a range of quality-of-life improvements and new features. It includes a new AI-powered assistant called Copilot that replaces Cortana and works on the desktop to control settings, launch apps, and answer queries.

The company has also enhanced the Ink Anywhere feature that lets users draw with a digital pen (or their finger) in any text box and converts it into typed text. This is especially useful for stylus users on hybrid laptop/tablet devices.

Other updates include the ability to add a password to a PDF, native RGB lighting controls for gaming hardware, and a more modern File Explorer with large thumbnails and a carousel that shows recent file suggestions. Plus, you’ll no longer need additional software to open archiving formats like RAR and 7-zip. The backup tool has been improved to make moving to a new device easier. Text labels in the taskbar have also been brought back.

Paint app

MS Paint is a simple graphics program that’s been included in all versions of Windows since its debut. The software allows users to draw and color pictures, and can also be used to edit existing photos. It opens and saves files in Windows bitmap (BMP), GIF, PNG, JPEG, and single-page TIFF formats.

The latest version of the program fixes a bug involving text in zoom views over 100%. It also adds a new 3D tool that allows you to create a geometric object and move it around in three dimensions.

To use the Paint app, select an image in File Explorer and then click Open within the menu. This opens a window in which you can browse to the location of the photo and select it. It will then be uploaded to the Paint canvas, where it should automatically resize to fit the picture. Click anywhere on the canvas to anchor text, which will prevent it from moving when you resize or rotate the image.

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