Maximize the Measuring Efficiency with Mass Flow Meter

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The mass flow meter is among the high-tech technologies used to measure the mass flow rate of flowing media throughout the pipe. The meter is highly suitable for various liquids like slurries or viscous fluids. It also helps in measuring the flow rate of non-conductive fluids because it can derive the mass based on their density measurement. It is the basis of various processes, including billing, recipe formulations, custody transfer operations, and material balance operations. The measuring apparatus is of utmost importance in getting the critical flow measurement processing plant, mass flow detection accuracy, and reliable measurement. 

History of Mass Flow Meter 

The earliest thoughts and designs for flow measurement were established in the early 1900s when mass flow meters first appeared. However, mass flow meter took off and started using in real-world situations in the middle of the 20th century. The Coriolis flow meter, which Elizabeth Britton first invented in 1951 and later improved by other researchers, was one of the first mass flow meters.

The Coriolis force exerted on a vibrating tube through which the fluid moves is what the Coriolis flow meter measures. There is a direct impact of the flow meter on the force used to move the fluid. Various mass flow meters, including thermal mass flow meters and others based on diverse 

principles have been invented over time thanks to improvements in engineering and technology.

These tools are widely used today for accurately measuring and controlling mass flow rates in liquids and gases in various industries, including the chemical, pharmaceutical, and oil and gas sectors.

Working Principle of Mass Flow Meter 

The devices measure the mass flow rate of the flowing media, either the liquid or gas, as the mass flows through it per unit of time. It uses several principles to calculate the mass flow, including thermal, Coriolis, and differential pressure.

For instance, it gauges how much heat the fluid absorbs or loses when it passes over a heated sensor in a thermal mass flow meter, and the heat transfer is directly proportional to the flow helps in better calculation. 

The basis for a mass flow meter’s operation is measuring a fluid’s mass flow rate, which is the quantity of mass (generally measured in kilograms) that moves through the meter in one unit of time (often measured in seconds).

Instead of measuring volume flow, the device measures the mass flow of the media. The most recognized and quality flow meter is the Coriolis flow meter in the industrial sector. It functions by passing the fluid via a vibrating tube or sensor.

Due to the Coriolis effect, the fluid causes the vibrating tube to rotate and oscillate as soon as it enters. The amount of twisting is inversely proportional to the fluid’s mass flow rate. The device can precisely calculate the mass flow rate by assessing the degree of tube deformation or the phase shift in the vibrations. Mass flow meters are valuable in various industries, including chemical processing, food and beverage production, and oil and gas, thanks to this method’s ability to produce precise measurements.

Limitations of The Flow Meter 

  • Apart from having excellent reliability, reasonable accuracy, and high rangeability, the flow meter has severe limitations. 
  • One of the potential problems of the instrument is the condensation of moisture on the temperature detector, which makes you unable to get the reading. 
  • It also makes the flow meter read low, leading to instrument corrosion.
  • Besides corrosion, the accumulation of coating or building up the material on the sensor also inhibits heat transfer and causes the instrument to get low readings. 
  • Sometimes, there is a noticeable change in the gas composition, which causes the variation in specific heat, and it is one of the significant causes of error in getting readings. 

Importance of Mass Flow Meter 

Industries must move and control the fluid automatically, prioritizing the flow meter for better workflow. The meter, from small to large organizations, is paramount at each measuring step.  It is also helpful in measuring the fluid in the pharma or food industry and detecting ultrasound of various flowing media. Because of its high reliability and accuracy, the meter becomes the most efficient and quality instrument that makes the task of industries easy and smooth.  

Last Words 

In conclusion, a mass flow meter takes the accurate mass measurement of liquids and gases which are flowing through the pipelines. The instrument comes in various types making the complex measuring process easy and smooth at small and large scale sectors. 

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