Manaslu Trek

Manaslu Trek Guide: Everything You Need to Know Before Starting This Difficult Journey

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The Manaslu Trek pays homage to the world’s eighth-highest peak, the ‘Manaslu.’ The journey around the massive summit, which towers at 8163 meters. Trekkers reach the highest point (over 5,100 meters) for incomparable views of this mountain peak, one of the most stunning sights in the Himalayas. The Manaslu journey offers trekkers a great experience with breathtaking scenery, traversing subtropical forests, river gorges, alpine forests, and harsh and spectacular snowscapes.

Other Nepal treks, such as the Annapurna Base Camp walk and the Everest Base Camp journey, are comparable to the Manaslu trek in Nepal. The hike is challenging, but it has a raw and primordial beauty. The track has recently been overrun with tea shops, making it one of Nepal’s least popular hiking trails.

If you enjoy going away from people and having the mountains all to yourself, the Manaslu trek is for you!

Why Should You Go On The Manaslu Trek?

The Manaslu Trek is a captivating tour across the breathtaking scenery of Nepal’s Himalayas. As the world’s eighth highest mountain, Mount Manaslu surrounds are rich in different topography, ranging from lush forests to high-altitude plateaus, delivering a unique trekking experience. Unlike other popular routes, this one provides a quieter, more real interaction with local culture as you pass through picturesque villages and engage with friendly locals. The trail’s charm resides in its ever-changing panoramas, which include breathtaking views of snow-capped peaks, deep valleys, and glacial rivers. Trekkers with moderate difficulty can enjoy the thrill of adventure without requiring substantial mountaineering expertise. The Manaslu Circuit Trek rewards stunning natural scenery and benefits local communities, making it an appealing option for anyone wanting a memorable journey and significant cultural interaction.

When Is the Best Time to Trek to Manaslu?

The Manaslu trip is open all year, though many of the lodges in the top camps are closed during the winter, forcing you to camp alone.

The best Manaslu hike weather may be found at:

March to May – The weather is warmer, and it is also the Rhododendron blooming season, making it a beautiful time to hike.

October to December – the temperature is colder, but you are rewarded with beautiful skies and breathtaking views. This is also the busiest time of year for the trek, particularly in October.

How to Get to Manaslu Trek’s Base Camp

Begin your journey to the Manaslu Base Camp by flying to Kathmandu, Nepal’s capital. Take a picturesque drive to Soti Khola, the trek’s starting point. The walk winds through beautiful landscapes, charming villages, and suspension bridges. Further, you’ll drive via Deng, Namrung, and Samagaon before arriving at Manaslu Base Camp. The voyage usually takes 10-14 days and covers around 177 kilometers. Obtain the appropriate licenses, hire a local guide, and be prepared for different terrain and changeable weather conditions, adding to this enthralling journey’s excitement.

Tips For Manaslu Trekking

Here are some recommendations for the Manaslu Trek:

Regulations and Permits

Before beginning the trek, obtain the necessary licenses, including the Manaslu Restricted Area Permit and the Annapurna Conservation Area Permit. Respect the environment and follow local norms.

Experienced Tour Guide

Hire a competent local guide or join a respected trekking service for safety, cultural insights, and a more enjoyable trip.

Physical Health

Cardiovascular and strength training is recommended because the walk includes hard ascents and descents at high altitudes.

Acclimatization to High Altitude

Ascend gradually to allow your body to acclimate and avoid altitude sickness. Schedule relaxation days in higher villages such as Samagaon.

Pack Wisely

Pack lightly but include warm clothing, rain gear, a first aid kit, sturdy footwear, and a sleeping bag. If necessary, equipment can be rented or purchased in Kathmandu.

Nutrition and Hydration

Drink water to keep yourself hydrated. To keep your energy levels high, eat balanced meals that are high in both carbohydrates and proteins.

Cultural Awareness

Local norms, traditions, and privacy should all be respected. Before photographing people or their homes, obtain their permission.

Money and Communication

Carry enough Nepali cash to last the duration of the journey. Certain localities have a limited number of ATMs. In Kathmandu, get a local SIM card for communication.

Weather Observation

Be prepared for weather changes, especially at higher elevations. Wear in layers to adjust to changing weather conditions.

Lodging and Food 

Teahouses along the path provide lodging and food. Try traditional foods and embrace local cuisine.

Prioritize Safety Over Anything

Follow your guide’s directions, and if you’re trekking alone, let someone know your itinerary and expected return time.

Environmental Protection 

Follow the “Leave No Trace” guidelines. Carry your trash, use less plastic, and be mindful of your environmental impact.

Precautions For Health

Bring any necessary medications as well as a basic medical kit. When it comes to water, choose bottled or treated water.

Emergency Evacuation 

Understand emergency evacuation methods and have adequate insurance coverage.

Take Pleasure During The Trek

Immerse yourself in the stunning scenery, local culture, and one-of-a-kind experiences offered by the Manaslu Trek.

What Is The Difficulty Level Of The Manaslu Trek?

The terrain is still rugged because the Manaslu Circuit Trek is a relatively unknown route, and certain sections need to be clearer. Every day, you’ll walk an average of 10km (6 miles) to 20km (12 miles), which equates to 6 to 7 hours of walking. The Larkya La Pass, at 5160m (16,752ft), is the highest point on the Manaslu journey. Trekking at high altitudes may result in altitude sickness. While it may appear physically demanding, with proper preparation, an experienced guide, and a strong determination, you can overcome the difficulty of the Manaslu trek and truly enjoy your expedition.


The Manaslu Trek offers an enthralling blend of natural beauty, cultural immersion, and physical difficulty. This incredible adventure through the Nepalese Himalayas provides a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to see various landscapes, engage with welcoming local cultures, and put your trekking skills to the test. You can confidently begin this journey if you prepare properly, including obtaining the required permissions, hiring a skilled guide, and focusing on altitude acclimatization. You can take the help of websites like ExpedReview to get proper information. The Manaslu Trek promises an unforgettable experience and a deep connection to the heart of the Himalayas and its remarkable allure as you journey through lush forests, attractive villages, and awe-inspiring panoramas.

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