Kodachadri Trek
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Kodachadri Trek: The All-Round Trek In Karnataka

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The Kodachadri Trek Hill is a natural heritage site which is part of the Western Ghats and forms an excellent background to the famous Kollur Mookambika temple. Farmed for its glorious sunrises and sunsets, the hill range is a part of the Mookambika temple nature reserve.

The peak of Kodachadri which has an altitude of 1343 m above sea level can be reached by a five-hour trek approximately. Trekking on the trail of Kodachadri Hill with friends or family or travelling solo can be an adventurous and spiritual experience.

On the Western side, the hike depends upon the steep slopes of about 1220 metres which meet the forests of the Udupi district. Kollur is an ideal village base from which the actual trek starts and the main exploration of the beautiful hills. The name of the place Kodachadri comes from the Sanskrit language word Kutaja which means jasmine of hills.

The Beauty Of Trek:

The Kodachadri Trek is also considered one of the most and best, beautiful Treks in India. The environmental beauty of this trek is sceptical and so universal it includes lofty green grasslands and snow-capped areas all over the trek with numerous hills and waterfalls, Not only these the snow-covered mountains with foggy weather and drizzling rains are just awesome.

There are also many flowers and alpine trees throughout the trek. The rocks are scattered everywhere and there are surroundings covered with frozen snow all over and in winter it feels like a snowy desert.

The environment is very beautiful and gives very fresh air. The scenic beauty of the Kodachadri trek is mesmerising and breathtaking It includes smooth snowy ground and snow-capped areas all over the hike with numerous hills and waterfalls, Not only these the snow-covered mountains with foggy weather and drizzling rains are just awesome. There are also many flowers and alpine trees through the hike of the Kodachadri trek.

Rivers, Trees, and Mountains in Kodachadri trek

 Kodachadri Trek is also situated in the Western Ghats of Karnataka. There are numerous rivers and beautiful alpine trees in the Kodachadri trek. At first the trek you have to cross a water section then cross a river and then you would come to a meadow place which is a green landscape surrounded from where you can see The view of numerous mountain peaks and snow-capped glaciers.

The grasslands are quite cool and beautiful and the weather remains mostly constant. The scenic beauty of this trek is sceptical and universal which includes lofty green grasslands and snow-capped areas all over the trek with numerous hills and waterfalls, not only these the snow-covered mountains with foggy weather and drizzling rains is just awesome. 

There are also many flowers and alpine trees throughout the trek. The trek is moderate and has inclined slopes. The hike of this trail will take through the dense pine forest and alongside sparkling rivers offering rare views and experiences. The dense forest is covered with green tall trees and also brown trees and alpine trees with the sound of chirping birds. 

Kodachadri The All Round Trek:

Kodachadri is located in Shioma district and is the most famous and spoken-about trekking trail in Karnataka. The Kodachadri trek offers trekkers an adventure, a charm and an experience that will remain throughout your lifetime. The green grasslands and meadows with the Shola forest emerging are something you can go on the trek of Kodachadri.

Besides this Karnataka is the home to some of the most beautiful tourism which attracts many tourists worldwide. A night adventure makes it an exact weekend get-together nearly to Bangalore that one can encourage into. With the multiple approaches to the trek, anybody can go and do this trek on their own. The hills are covered with loft greens and spread as far as the eye can see.

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The weather is not pleasant here but it is quite favourable and safe for trekking on the Kodachadri trekking trail. One can trek the entire trail from the base which is 15 km it is easy to just take a jeep to a convenient spot and then trek from here. The trekking trail of the Kodachadri trek is divided into two prior routes, One is an easier trail and is best for those who are not pros at trekking and the other is a tougher one and is for those who can do a tough trek easily and smoothly. 

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