Is There Any International Money Transfer App Which Is Easy To Use During Trip?

Is There Any International Money Transfer App Which Is Easy To Use During Trip?

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Yes, several international money transfer apps are convenient to use while travelling. These apps make it easy to transfer money overseas, make payments, and manage your accounts while on the road. We advise the applicants applying for Schengen visa to use the following applications for their ease. Also, make necessary arrangements for your visa application such as confirmed booking of your return flight, visa application form and cover letter etc. 

List Of Bank Accounts

PayPal is a well-known and trustworthy platform for international money payments. It lets you transfer and receive money in many currencies, make online purchases, and withdraw cash from local ATMs using a linked bank account or credit card. PayPal’s mobile app has an easy-to-use interface that allows you to send money to friends, pay for goods and services, and manage your account while on the go.

TransferWise: Because of its excellent exchange rates and low costs, TransferWise is a popular alternative for international money transfers. You may use the app to send money to bank accounts in other countries, make payments in different currencies, and even get a multi-currency debit card for easy spending. TransferWise offers a simple and transparent process, making it a good choice for travellers.

Revolut is a digital banking app with various services for foreign travellers. It enables you to hold and exchange numerous currencies at affordable rates, make free international money transfers, and use a prepaid debit card to spend abroad. The app gives real-time notifications and expenditure analytics, making managing your finances while travelling simple.

Venmo: Although it is most popular in the United States, Venmo is gaining popularity as a simple payment app for travellers. It allows for simple peer-to-peer money transfers between friends and family and the use of a Venmo card for making purchases or withdrawing cash. Venmo’s social features, such as payment descriptions and transaction comments, can easily split expenses with travelling companions.

Wise (previously TransferWise): Wise is another trustworthy choice for international money transfers. It offers low-cost, transparent transfers with competitive currency rates. Wise lets you save and convert money in several currencies and provides a multi-currency debit card for international spending. The app is simple to use and offers real-time notifications for transaction updates.

Before utilising any international money transfer app, examine exchange rates, fees, supported countries, and user reviews. Ensure that your travel insurance that covers the whole territory of schengen is compatible with the banking systems of your destination. And that it satisfies your unique needs for convenience and ease of use during your journey. 

  • PayPal

Fees: PayPal charges different fees depending on the country and currency involved in the transaction. Fees may include a percentage of the transfer amount and/or a fixed fee. It’s advisable to check PayPal’s website or app for the most up-to-date fee structure.

Exchange Rates: When you send or receive money in a different currency, PayPal applies its own exchange rate, which may include a markup compared to the mid-market exchange rate. This markup varies, and it’s important to review the rate offered before confirming the transaction.

  • TransferWise

Fees: TransferWise’s fees are generally transparent and lower compared to traditional banks. They are based on a percentage of the transfer amount and vary depending on the currencies involved. The fees are displayed upfront before confirming the transfer.

Exchange Rates: TransferWise uses the mid-market exchange rate, which is the real exchange rate that you would find on currency markets. They do not apply a markup on the exchange rate, which makes their rates more competitive compared to traditional banks.

  • Revolut

Fees: Revolut offers different plans, including a free plan and premium subscription plans with additional features. The free plan typically includes free international money transfers up to a certain limit per month, beyond which a small fee is charged. Premium plans offer higher limits or unlimited free transfers.

Exchange Rates: Revolut uses interbank exchange rates during weekdays, which are generally very close to the mid-market rate. However, on weekends or for certain less common currencies, a markup is applied to cover potential volatility. The exact rates are displayed in the app before confirming the transaction.

  • Venmo

Fees: Venmo allows free transfers between Venmo accounts and charges a fee for instant transfers to a bank account or debit card. The fee for instant transfers is a percentage of the transfer amount with a minimum fee for smaller transfers.

Exchange Rates: Venmo uses the exchange rate provided by its service provider, which may include a markup compared to the mid-market rate. It’s recommended to review the rate offered before initiating the transfer.

  • Wise (formerly known as TransferWise)

Fees: Wise charges a transparent fee based on a percentage of the transfer amount, which varies depending on the currencies involved. The fee is displayed upfront before confirming the transfer.

Exchange Rates: Wise offers the mid-market exchange rate, and they do not apply a markup to the rate, making their rates more competitive compared to traditional banks.


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