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Innovative Exhibition Stand Design Concepts in Frankfurt: Redefining Engagement

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One of the most beautiful and historical cities in Germany Frankfurt is also famous as Germany’s most high-tech as well as economic hub city. The busiest Airport in Germany also severs Frankfurt as its main airport. Millions of people arrive in Frankfurt for multiple purposes each year and one of the major reasons is the trade shows and exhibitions as well as other events held in the city throughout the year.

Because of its business strategic location as well as an amazing transport system and other major infrastructure, the city is among the top list of exhibitors, trade show conductors, and Exhibition Stand Builders in Frankfurt. With some of the most unique designs and eye-catching graphics exhibition stand in Frankfurt attracts a huge number of visitors.

We have compiled some amazing suggestions and tips for a Frankfurt-centric trade show booth design with an amazing innovative concept to attract attendees to visit the stand:

  1. Use Frankfurt’s Colors – Red and White: These colors can be incorporated with the Exhibition builder in Frankfurt. You can use them in the booth flooring, walls, furniture, graphics, lighting, etc. The red and white colors are prominent in Frankfurt’s city flag and emblem.
  2. Incorporate Images of Frankfurt Skyline: Have backlit graphics or visuals showcasing Frankfurt’s skyline with some most famous landmarks such as Commerzbank Tower, Messeturm, European Central Bank, Frankfurt Cathedral, etc. This gives a distinctly Frankfurt feel.
  3. Highlight Frankfurt’s Culture: Show visuals of prominent destinations in the city like Römerberg, Goethe House, Städel Museum, Frankfurt Zoological Garden, etc. You can also highlight aspects like food, music, education, transport, etc. Frankfurt is known for.
  4. Use Natural and Minimalistic Elements: As Frankfurt architecture and designs follow minimalism, incorporate minimal furniture, greenery, and natural lighting in warm tones. This matches with the overall Frankfurt style.
  5. Offer Giveaways from Frankfurt Brands: You can giveaway chocolates from brands headquartered in Frankfurt like Ferrero, Haribo, etc. You can also giveaway souvenirs like Hessian snacks, Ebbelwei glasses, Grüne Soße, etc. Local audience as well as specially the outsider attendees will really like this gesture of you.
  6. Employ Frankfurt Locals: Having booth staff that are from Frankfurt and speak German can make the booth feel more Frankfurt centric. The staff can also engage visitors and share more details about Frankfurt. Locals who will visit the exhibition will feel more comfortable and the other visitors will also understand the local people.
  7. Choose a Frankfurt Inspired Booth Name: Choosing names for the stand is also a very important aspect of the trade show. For the Frankfurt centric stand some options that could be used ‘Mainhattan’, ‘Hessen Home’, ‘Gateway to Europe’, etc. A name like this clearly conveys your Frankfurt and German focus.
  8. Decorate Using the Frankfurt Coat of Arms: In your Exhibition Stand Design in Frankfurt have elements like the Frankfurt eagle, lion, red and white stripes, etc. in the booth decor to represent Frankfurt’s history and heritage. This will provide a proud feeling to the locals and for the other visitors it will help them to understand the history of Frankfurt better.
  9. Play German Music: If it is allowed and will look appropriate with your theme have a soundtrack with traditional German music or songs from popular Frankfurt bands like the Scorpions at the booth. This gives an authentic Frankfurt auditory experience to the visitors.

Summary: These ideas for the exhibition stand in Frankfurt are some of the most unique one’s that will make your stand theme more centric to the culture and identity of the city. These ideas can be used in many exhibition stand design and enhance the overall look of the booth. You can incorporate these ideas if you want to build a Frankfurt centric booth design.

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