Important Warnings and Precautions Regarding LED Light Failures: Stay Informed!

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LED lights are known for their long lifespan and energy efficiency, but it is crucial to be aware of potential warnings to prevent LED lights failure. Learn about common causes like overheating or poor installation as well as tips to ensure longevity and reliability of your LEDs. Avoid potential issues and make informed decisions for effective lighting solutions.

When should an LED bulb be considered failed or replaced?

When its lumen output drops below a specific threshold – usually 70% of initial lumen output – an L70 grade indicates this phenomenon and should prompt replacement consideration; L70 grades provide useful indicators as to lifespan for LEDs.

Considerations should be given when buying LED lights; for optimal longevity and minimal energy use, select bulbs with an L70 rating of 80 or greater; some LED bulbs may continue working past this mark though at reduced brightness levels.

LED downlight by AGM Electrical Supplies

Early Signs of LED Light Failure

There are various indicators that an LED light may soon fail, including flickering or dimming lights, dimmed brightness levels or color temperature shifts. If any of these symptoms arise, replace your bulb as soon as possible before it burns out – though LEDs usually last much longer than incandescent bulbs! Although LED lighting tends to last much longer before malfunctions occur.

Premature failure and its related problems or risks can be avoided through preventative measures, like regular inspection and maintenance. Doing this could spare your power supply the unexpected surge that comes when power unexpectedly goes out.

Why Buy LED Lights Australia from AGM Electrical Supplies?

When shopping for LED lighting in Australia, it is critical that they purchase from an established electrical supply company like AGM Electrical Supplies for various reasons, which includes as follows.

Surface Mount LED downlights

Quality Products

AGM Electrical Supplies only stocks LED lights from trusted brands to guarantee our items always provide our consumers with superior lighting experience and meet our high quality standards. Attractive Pricing Options

At AGM Electrical Supplies, all lighting is offered at competitively-priced and of top-quality – giving consumers excellent value for their dollar spent!

Warranty AGM Electrical Supplies offers all their LED lights Australia with guarantees, providing customers with peace of mind should any defects or malfunctions arise.

Energy Efficiency

LED bulbs use only a fraction of the electricity that incandescent lights do, yet still produce just as much light. By switching over, customers may reduce carbon emissions while saving money at once!

Long Lifespan

LED light has an average lifespan of over 25,000 hours, giving customers plenty of enjoyment before needing to replace it.

Easy Installation

LED lights can be easily installed without using tools or an electrical wholesaler’s guide, providing consumers with easy and quick installation solutions for taking advantage of LED’s benefits in lighting fixtures that already exist. When making the transition to LEDs they should replace their old bulbs with new LED bulbs that work seamlessly within existing fixtures for seamless integration into home lighting schemes.

LED High bay Lights

LED Lighting is a Cost Effective Solution!

Although LED bulbs may initially seem more costly to purchase, their extended lifespan and reduced energy use make them an economical investment over time. Customers who transition into LED lighting save money over time!

Customers looking for high-quality LED lights can purchase them through AGM Electrical Supplies – and are an ideal way to modernize lighting while cutting energy bills due to their energy saving properties and long lifespan. LEDs offer modernized illumination at reduced energy costs!


LED light output typically declines over time due to lumen depreciation. Replacement should occur whenever their lumen output falls below L70 rating to maintain desired illumination level and ensure desired level of illumination is attained. Flickering or fading, brightness decrease, color temperature change are all warning indications that an LED bulb needs replacing immediately; AGM Electrical Supplies provides reliable service, customer support, price competitive pricing and warranty protection that ensure customer satisfaction regarding product quality, price competitive pricing and warranty support for LEDs.

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