Important Factors to Check Before Starting Renovation of Your Bathroom

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Many people want to design their bathroom according to the latest trends, updated with all the modern appliances and accessories. These may be needed in the bathroom for better comfort.

Whenever you decide to renovate your bathroom, you should have a clear idea about the things that need to be repaired or changed during this renovation process. Accordingly, you can check the costs of the products you need from the bathroom shops. This homework will help you decide the budget for the bathroom renovation.

It is very important to set a definite budget for the bathroom renovation purpose, which should not be exceeded by the hired contractor or the agency who will be doing the renovation. Hence, this should be the first step taken for renovating the bathroom, as well as any other part of the house. This fixed budget will also help in finally deciding which bathroom items should be replaced and which can do with mere repairs. Always go for quality plumbing fixtures and sanitary items from reliable bathroom shops.
Decide on the parts of the bathroom that really need renovation

List out the pressing problems – First of all, the house owner should have a clear idea about the exact problems or where the repairing work is absolutely essential. He/she should inspect the bathroom minutely and make a list of all such problematic areas that need immediate attention.
Check the condition of the faucets and showers – The conditions of all the bathroom fixtures should be checked properly to find how many of them require replacements; including the faucets, shower heads, bathtub, toilet, bidet and the sink so that all of them become fully functional.
Consider the preferred design and looks – The house owner should decide about the color scheme and the layout of the renovated bathroom. The color of the tiles, of the flooring and the walls, as well as the fixtures should be decided, if need be replaced. If any more appliances need to be installed, then the energy efficiency of those devices should be checked before buying and arrangements should be planned for fitting them in the bathroom.
Judge according to the functionality – The functionality of the bathroom should be decided according to the people who will be using the bathroom. If there are more people in the house, the house owner may consider installing more sinks and faucets in the bathroom, if space permits. Moreover, there must be special arrangements for the kids and the fragile aged people, in the form of towel rails at suitable heights or lower countertops.
Check the storage space – The bathroom should have enough storage space, to contain all the necessary bathroom accessories. If there is requirement of more space or the former cabinet is in shabby condition. Then, it is better to plan for the installation of a new one, matching the new design of the bathroom.
Adequate lighting – The bathroom should have proper lighting arrangements to avoid any accident. Moreover, people often want brighter light, while shaving or applying makeup. So it is better to check if there is satisfactory amount of lights in the bathroom and note down if any extra or new lighting fixture is needed.
Proper ventilation – The bathroom should have adequate ventilation for keeping the room free from damp or molds. So, if the existing ventilation is poor in the bathroom, it is better to plan for installing a new exhaust fan to improve the air circulation.
Essential accessories – The bathroom also needs several accessories like soap containers, bath mats and the mirror for the convenience of the users. So, it should be checked if any of the existing accessories need replacement or requires addition of some more, before finalizing the budget.
If you are planning for renovation of your bathroom, then the above-mentioned details will help you to get quality plumbing features and sanitary items from reliable bathroom shops and spend your money wisely!

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