Importance of Building Good Relationships With Coworkers

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Let’s face it; existing in a workplace with zero to minimal interaction with coworkers is impossible. How boring it would be if you have to go to your office, have your lunch, attend meetings, and come back home. Your workplace should be fun. This is only possible if you connect with 3D people; your colleagues. And honestly, at some point, you need a connection that is more than “just colleagues”.

Every workplace can give you new experiences. You may find long-lasting and true friendships in your office. You may think that how would being in a “limited” bubble affect you? But, the restricted relationship between coworkers never comes with a healthy outcome.

Let’s look at ways you can improve your bond with your coworkers:

Listen to them

The first step to a relationship is listening to the other person – this is not limited to coworkers. In general, it is necessary to first understand what the other person is trying to say.

Always remember, a difference in perception can create a barrier in a relationship. The barrier must be tidied up; if not initiated by the other person, be a better person and initiate it yourself. Start a conversation, and every time, give it your full attention.

Practice reflective listening. Reflective listening is repeating the last few words said by the other person. It is especially useful when you need to concentrate on the colleague’s side of the conversation. This allows you to avoid formulating a response while talking and buys you some time to think.

Listening to your coworker will automatically plant the seed in their mind that you care for them. Moreover, the respect level will elevate.

Appreciate humor

Laugh your troubles away. And then laugh some more. People like a lighter work environment. So, consider laughing as a minor therapy for yourself and others too. Remind people that things aren’t as difficult as they seem. Often stress makes things appear harder than they are. Adding humor to the situation can be of great help.

Also, laughing with others create an energy around you that makes you more attractive – attracts both people and positivity. It also relieves you of different work stresses.

Be kind to them

If you think your work nature is affecting your personality too, try to take a break from it and bring a change. Many work cultures involve stressful situations. For instance, if:

  • You are in charge of managing the electricity supply switches and mistakenly mishandling any switch; this can result in a short circuit. It may lead to a large failure for the company
  • You are a doctor and have abundant patients in line, and do not have a good in-house team or an outsourced medical billing service; it can disturb your money as well as your patients.

Do not add more to the bitterness of the workplace. In already stressed situations, you would expect more kindness. Start being nicer and kinder to your coworkers. Flies are certainly more attracted to honey than to vinegar.

You will notice how this gradually affects your relationship with your colleagues. It will become a lot easier for you to comprehend their problems and be humble to them when they are having a bad time.

Be more empathetic

Being more empathetic can never do you any harm. You should place yourself in another person’s shoes to be able to appreciate a perspective different from yours. More learning and more growth – that’s another advantage. Make the world a better place to live.

Be friendlier

A person often has more than one persona. People act differently at work, but they are totally opposite self when they are at home or with friends. A colleague might know you as a different or formal person, while a family member of yours might disagree with his/her perception.

Try to get to know your coworkers’ outside-of-work personalities. This will help you to personally connect with them. It may also favor you to understand certain behaviors or responses of theirs.

You might know your coworker as a rigid person who is firm on fixed beliefs, but who knows he/she is a caring and lenient person after stepping out of the office. The two opposites should be discovered. And, when you get successful at this, you will find someone who can root for you – which is by the way my next point.

Root for your coworkers

Become a support and source for others to succeed, and you will begin unexpected ways for your success. The more your coworkers feel like they can approach you to reach their goals, the stronger your relationship will become. It will increase the chances of them returning the favor to you by helping you out in a time of need.

If you are a senior, impart wisdom to your juniors. Tell them that you are available for any kind of motivation and support.


As important as your job is, building better work relationships is necessary too. However, you should keep your expectations realistic. Know the limitations; what you can and cannot do. There may be situations where you lack the authority, resources, or knowledge to act. Keep a balance between good performance and good work relationships. Train yourself with the above points and you will love your office more than ever.

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