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How to Score Better at Scramble With Friends

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Scramble With Friends is a made-for-mobile word game that challenges players to find words in a jumbled grid within a two minute time frame. It also features different power-ups to help players win games. When it comes to scoring better at this social word game, knowing a few simple tips can go a long way. From saving the letters X and J to taking advantage of tile multipliers, these tips will make you better at Scramble With Friends.

Spell out words with your finger

Words With Friends is a popular game that requires skill to master. Using the right tips and strategies can help you become the sovereign of your group of friends. One of the most basic tips to remember is to spell out words with your finger while you’re moving quickly. This can increase your speed while also helping you keep track of all the letters on the board.

Don’t waste your time forming two-letter words. Unlike Scrabble, Scramble with Friends only awards a base value of 1 point for most two-letter tiles. Unless you have a very high-point tile (like the X), you’re better off saving it for a double or triple word square later in the round. In the meantime, use your other letters to build out long words.

Don’t waste your time forming two-letter words

This was one tip that came up again and again from the pros we talked to. Learning short words that use high-value letters is a big part of becoming a better player. For example, if you’re stuck with a bunch of vowels before the next draw, knowing ZA, QI, and AX can be great for getting rid of them.

The letter S is also a great choice, as it can be appended to many words to form their plural. Just remember that there are only four S tiles in the game, so it should be used sparingly. Also, make sure to study q-without-u words; they’re some of the highest scoring words in the unblocked games 66. Then, plan your moves around these hot spots from the beginning.

Don’t forget about bingos

A bingo is when you play all seven of your letters in a row on the board, earning you 35 points. This is a high-scoring play that requires a combination of strategy and luck, but it’s worth the effort. A good Scrabble player will usually get two bingos per game, but that’s highly dependent on what tiles you draw. To improve your chances of getting a bingo, try to memorize the letters that appear in a higher percentage of valid English words.

Another way to help yourself remember is to study word lists after each round of the game. This will force you to look at the different possibilities sorted by score and letter, helping you recall them more easily. You can also use WWF’s word solver to study vowel dumps, short JQXZ words, and the most probable bingo list.

Use hooks when you need to

Players string together adjoining letters on a Boggle-like board to form words in Scramble With Friends. Word length and each letter’s point value come into play, and scoring well involves careful strategy. Hooks (altering an opponent’s word with your own to create a new one) can net you big points. For example, adding an S to “KNOCK” and building off it horizontally from a TL space could earn you 33 points.

Another way to score better is by avoiding high-point tiles and using them only for bingos. For instance, it’s often better to keep a Q for an 11-point QI than to let it clog up your rack for multiple turns. This will also allow you to deny your opponent a double word score or an easy S word in the future.

Plan to use bonus spaces

It’s a good idea to always plan your moves strategically. If you want to maximize your score, be sure to line up your highest scoring tiles between a corner space and a bonus square. These plays can boost your score by as much as 50 points. Also, be sure to make use of prefixes and suffixes. These letters can help you form new words in a pinch and squeeze more points out of your rack.

While it’s important to learn how to play two-letter words and bingos, you should focus on learning more advanced short words as well. These words are more difficult to form and require more skill, but they can add up to a large score in the long run. When combined with other high-value tiles, these words can boost your score by as much as 50 or more points.

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