How to Promote a Business Promotion Website For Free

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An effective business promotion website is essential to any company. It serves as the hub for all of your marketing activities – including social media and Google listings – and allows you to measure their effectiveness, as well as connecting with potential customers and connecting them directly. Furthermore, there are various free ways to market it.


Pinterest is a social network that enables its users to easily share ideas and images through Pins. With over 235 million monthly international users, it can be an excellent platform for businesses looking to promote their products and services.

Small business owners can use Pinterest to showcase their work and establish themselves as experts in their industry. They can promote services by sharing company infographics or data visualizations. It is important for owners of small businesses to use keywords in bios, Pin descriptions and board titles so search engines can more easily index content they post.


Juxtapost is an increasingly popular Pinterest-like site with an assortment of useful features. You can use Juxtapost to tag, share, and discover quality images and photographs; create private boards dedicated to your preferred contents; collaborate on post board sharing options with others and much more!

Initialy, it was designed to outdo Pinterest by filling some of its flaws – like invite-only membership, lack of private boards, and content exporting. Unfortunately, over time some of its distinctive features became less pronounced as Pinterest caught up.


Akonter is a social bookmarking service which allows users to bookmark URLs both publicly and privately and share them through various services like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, Email App, Reddit etc. Additionally, their homepage features share and social widgets which you can add directly into your browser toolbar for easy sharing and socialization.

People with the name Akonter tend to be outgoing and friendly individuals. Always willing to lend a helping hand when needed and adept at communicating, these Akonters also possess an aptitude for arts as well as enjoying socializing with other people.

Google My Business

Google My Business is a free tool designed to help businesses connect with potential customers. You can edit the details about your business, add posts about events and promotions that interest customers, as well as communicate directly with customers through messaging.

It also provides key insights on audience engagement and local search performance, helping you develop strategies that will expand your business and increase sales. Plus, customers can book appointments directly through the dashboard!


Wikipedia is a free, online encyclopedia with millions of articles in over 270 languages that is edited by millions of volunteer contributors from all over the world. Wikipedia’s editorial principles emphasize neutrality while seeking to avoid personal biases or unreviewed research as much as possible.

There are various strategies you can employ to promote your business on Wikipedia, but to do so successfully you must adhere to its rules in order to avoid having your information removed or being accused of plagiarism. Here are a few tips to assist with this.

Online directories

Online directories can be an excellent way to connect your business to potential customers while increasing its search engine visibility by providing appropriate citations. But when selecting one relevant to your industry, be wary.

Many people liken online business listings to digital Yellow Pages directories; however, this comparison can be misleading because online directories provide several advantages not offered by print Yellow Pages directories – boosting online presence and connecting businesses to millions of potential customers.

Town Planner

Town planners specialize in the interpretation and implementation of zoning, subdivision, inland wetlands and other land use regulations. Additionally, they review development applications before acting as inter-board liaisons on related matters.

Town planning involves the harmonious balancing of economic, social, and environmental needs in urban areas. This field promotes renewal and reconstruction efforts after war or fire has devastated a city; historic, religious and social centers may also be preserved during this process. Furthermore, town planning strives to reduce human impact on the environment through sustainability efforts.


Manta was initially an effective local business directory that allowed users to search businesses by category, claim listings and run advertisements. Over time however, SEO evolved more effectively, rendering sites such as Manta obsolete.

Compliance is of great importance for most organizations, and any failure can lead to costly fines, lost productivity and diminished trust between employees. Manta helps users stay one step ahead of auditors by providing data lineage supporting GDPR, HIPAA, CCPA and more regulations.

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